Wellness entrepreneurs open health-conscious restaurant & specialty café in Hong Kong

Wellness entrepreneurs from India announced today (11 February 2022) that they have opened a new restaurant & specialty café, Orka, in Hong Kong, bringing sustainable and health-focused dining experience to local wellness community.

Orka is located in the heart of Central with objective to bring more wholesome dining experiences which allows for individuals with different diet styles for an all-inclusive dining experience. Orka, meaning “energy” in Swedish, is a brand created by a team of award winning concept creators and wellness professionals led by Nobin John and Aswini Rachel.

Co-founder Nobin John said, “Hong Kong people are health-conscious and become more concerned about food sustainability, socially-responsibility and quality, paving the way for mindful eating. As a holistic health-promoting enterprise, we want to bring a new and unique wellness space with relaxing yet healthy offerings to fulfill their needs.”

He added, “We believe that there is huge potential in plant-based, green food products market in Hong Kong. When talking about plant-based diet, it does not need to be an all-or-nothing approach. Even if a non-vegan shifts his or her plate towards a 75% plant-based diet, that itself will contribute hugely to making this world a better place and reducing carbon footprint. This is the concept that we want to spread to the forefront of the city’s dining scene.”

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion Mr Charles Ng welcomed the opening of Orka Restaurant & Specialty Café in Hong Kong. He said, “It will not only offer more health-focused dining options for local customers, but also create new ideas and concept for the city’s food and beverage industry.”

About Orka Wellness

Orka Wellness was founded to fuel, refresh, and restore community’s lives from the inside out. The company’s vision is “to make wellness a tasty, affordable, and socially responsible affair”. Apart from Orka Restaurant & Specialty Café, the flagship space also has a retail section showcasing shelves of wellness products that are also served in the restaurant, including an array of tea blends, coffees, supplements, baking goodies as well as an event and workshop space. For more information, please visit: orkawellness.com.

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