Hong Kong's global gourmet hub status attracts Tai Er's massive investment

Invest Hong Kong announced today (11 December 2023) that one of its assisted companies, Mainland restaurant brand Tai Er, is opening four suancai fish shops this month in a single investment showing ample confidence in the city's food and beverage industry.

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Dr Jimmy Chiang, said that Tai Er's decision is a vivid case of the attraction of Hong Kong's vibrant restaurant industry. "Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise with customers from all over the globe. Local brands, brands from the Mainland and those from the West gather and interact in our global hub here creating one of the world's most sophisticated food and beverage ecosystems."

The locations of the four Tai Er shops span across multiple strategic spots in Hong Kong. Two in Tsim Sha Tsui and Sha Tin were opened last Saturday (9 December), and the remaining two will be opened later this month in Kowloon Tong and Kai Tak. The ingredients and recipe used in Hong Kong will strictly follow the high-quality level set out by the group, said the International Business Development Senior Director of Too Two Hong Kong Restaurant Limited, Mr Jason Chen, vowing to offer Hong Kong customers an unforgettable experience of suancai fish.
"Through many years of hard work and commitment, Tai Er has earned an expanding group of loyal fans, who include many discerning diners from Hong Kong. By opening shops in Hong Kong, we hope to keep our brand awareness growing in the city and beyond," Mr Chen said.
"As Hong Kong is itself a renowned international city as well as a well-known gourmet hub, we can grow our brand via the city to other parts in the region, which helps to build and cement Tai Er's global presence. We have full confidence that our commitment in high-quality food and services will take us towards our goal of being a top-notched brand in the world," he continued.
Tai Er is part of the Jiumaojiu Group, listed in Hong Kong, which operates more than 670 different branded restaurants in Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada. It is renowned for its suancai fish across the Mainland. The company said it has future plans to open more shops in the region via Hong Kong.
To get a copy of the photos, please visit www.flickr.com/photos/investhk/albums/72177720313294485.
For more information about Tai Er, please visit http://www.taier.net/eindex.html

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