Gym Town Fitness upgrades with big space and a gym club concept

Gym Town Fitness announced today (11 May 2023) that it has relocated to a bigger premises and continued the avant-garde gym club concept that integrates technology and ESG commitment into fitness training.

The new gym centre is located in a commercial building in Central and occupies 8 000 square feet, four times the size of the previous club. The elite fitness space is divided into four major areas, namely weight training, cardio exercise, boxing, and multi-purpose, all equipped with top-of-the-line Italian fitness gear, offering a luxurious and spacious gym environment to customers.

Apart from top-notch workout equipment, the centre also partners with other prestigious brands to offer a luxurious social club setting to customers, as part of the new gym club operation by the gym when it first opened in Hong Kong three years ago. Combined with innovative fitness programmes and exceptional customer services, it creates a welcoming and supportive gym community for its high-end customers, according to the Co-founder, Mr Karl So. ESG sustainability and application of Web 3.0 is also part of the new operation model to lead in order to ensure Gym Town leading in the forefront of the industry, he added.

Mr So said, “We opened the first Gym Town Fitness in Hong Kong three years ago to introduce our Gym Club concept, a new style of gym which combines the traditional gym with a high-end social club in a luxurious setting. In order to further develop this new concept beyond Hong Kong and establish Gym Town Fitness as a notable Hong Kong brand, we decided to expand our operation in the city.”

He continued, "Hong Kong is an international city converging people around the world. It is the best place for us to build and promote our brand to the world. The new centre will serve as a focal point for the company’s further expansion plan to the Mainland market, as well as the Greater Bay Area and further internationally. The facility will be the benchmark for our future branches."

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion Dr Jimmy Chiang said, "We are happy to see the expansion of Gym Town Fitness in Hong Kong. It shows not only the founders’ passion and commitment to providing the best fitness experience to their customers, but also their confidence in Hong Kong’s wellness industry. We look forward to seeing its continued expansion in Hong Kong and beyond."

About Gym Town Fitness

Established in 2020, Gym Town Fitness aims to revolutionise the gym industry in Hong Kong by introducing a new style of gym, the Gym Club. The idea of Gym Club is to combine traditional gym with a high-end social club in a luxurious setting. This next generation gym 2.0 concept also incorporates the idea of being an ESG Sustainable Gym. For more information, please visit

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