Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology (I&T) is a core pillar to provide sustainable economic development. With the objective to develop Hong Kong into an international I&T hub, the Hong Kong Government has made tremendous investment into the I&T sector. To spearhead I&T development, Hong Kong offers world-class R&D infrastructures, top-notch academic research, multi-cultural talent pools and strong government policies and incentives support. With a growing presence of both public and private investments, thriving startup ecosystem, and together with business-friendly environment, Hong Kong is well placed to attract foreign investment and top talent around the world. The networks and opportunities available in Hong Kong and the synergies arising from the Greater Bay Area is abundant.

Innovation and Technology
  • Biomedicine and Healthcare – Hong Kong stands out to be an ideal place for biomedical innovation by leveraging the state-of-the-art infrastructures, collaborative ecosystems through government-established research clusters, Health@InnoHK and InnoLife Healthtech, world-class clinical trial, strong IP protection, dual-track efficient healthcare system and Asia’s largest funding hub for biotechnology. 
  • AI and Robotics – Hong Kong is an ideal launchpad for technology companies to develop and implement AI and robotics solutions by leveraging academic excellence, talent pool and the know-how arising from the government-established AIR@innoHK research hub, as well as ample opportunities from the Greater Bay Area. 
  • Smart City and IoT Technology – The Government’s Smart City Blueprint 2.0 sets a clear roadmap for Hong Kong to emerge as one of the smartest cities in the world. Leveraging the excellent and reliable infrastructures, the city is acting as an ideal innovation hotbed for smart city technology development. 
  • Electronics – Hong Kong plays a vital role in advancing the R&D of microelectronics by leveraging top-notch academic research, advanced and upcoming infrastructure such as Microelectronics Centre, and its strategic location in the Greater Bay Area. 
  • Carbon Neutrality – The Government has made strong commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.  This offers opportunities for companies to engage in de-carbonisation initiatives, covering energy savings, green transportation, waste management, and air and water quality. 
Fast Facts
Innovation and Technology
HK$150 billion has been invested by the HKSAR Government to promote innovation and technology development
Innovation and Technology
An ageing population and growing wealth both locally and abroad is driving the demand for innovative products and services
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