Tapping into Success

Tappy Technologies develops contact free payment solutions for peace of mind while shopping.

There is a wide range of funding and networking support from the Hong Kong government and FinTech associations tailored for startups like us.

Wayne Leung
CEO, Tappy Technologies

Contactless payment has gradually become the norm. People across the world have reduced their use of cash for both convenience and safety. Originating in Canada, Tappy Technologies has capitalised on the phenomenon as the world’s leading device payment enabler. It provides secure and expedient contactless payment solutions for leading international banks as well as fashion and consumer electronic brands. Leveraging Hong Kong’s robust FinTech landscape, the company’s Hong Kong office has been actively driving technological innovation to tap into the opportunities of the fast-growing retail payments market in Asia Pacific.

Business Made Easy

Wayne Leung, Tappy Technologies’ CEO, feels that Hong Kong offers a wealth of advantages to enable Tappy’s ongoing growth and development. He said, “A supportive government, simple and competitive tax system, and proximity to world-class manufacturing facilities in Guangdong province, as Tappy’s manufacturing facilities are in Mainland China — our Hong Kong office makes it easy for the operation team to conduct regular visits for better management.”

Leung continued, “There are large FinTech events and exhibitions in Hong Kong and the Mainland that attract investors and multinational corporations, helping to increase our exposure and business opportunities. In addition, there is a wide range of funding and networking support from the Hong Kong government and FinTech associations tailored for startups like us.”

Where Fashion Meets Technology

As an approved Token Service Provider for Visa and MasterCard, Tappy Technologies enables partners’ wearable devices for instantaneous payments and other customised uses. Further, it specialises in developing wearable products and accessories that incorporate payment chips such as Flexitags, Microtags and Minitags to transform wearables to “TAPables”.

One of Tappy Technologies’ sister companies is Dailywin Watch Products Manufacturing, an Asian leader in chic timepiece production. “With Dailywin’s strong background in manufacturing high quality fashion timepieces, we provide a one-stop solution for consumer brands to customise their hardware and software,” said Leung. Its global payment chips stand at approximately 1.2 million wearables as of August 2022.

Leung admits that the pandemic promoted contactless payment solutions, and Tappy’s proximity to world-class manufacturing facilities, highly skilled workers and Mainland Chinese investors focused on FinTech have spurred the company’s expansion. Leung further cites the city’s local staff force as a key to its success: “Hong Kong has a very high quality pool of talent. Hiring and retaining people is always a challenge. By providing good international exposure and job satisfaction, we are able to keep talent.” Currently the Hong Kong office handles sales, operations, production, administration and accounting. Leung is grateful for InvestHK’s assistance in sharing the latest market news and business opportunities, as well as introducing Tappy to potential partners and investors.

As for the lifestyle in Hong Kong, Leung is enthusiastic: “Its compact size, good transportation system, high accessibility, vibrant lifestyle, beautiful scenery and welcoming international community — all these make Hong Kong a wonderful city.”


Fast Facts

  • Hailing from Canada, the company is a payment technology company that enables wireless payment functions via chips connected to mobile apps that can be attached to wearables including watches, bags and clothing
  • Its Hong Kong office incubated at Cyberport and was a semi-finalist in the Global Fast Track 2022 programme organised by InvestHK

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