Mining and New Energy Investment Potentials

Gold Mountains Asset Management specialises in providing a series of mining and new energy funds supported by its Mainland Chinese parent company Zijin Mining Group.

The unique advantage of Gold Mountains Asset Management is its cross-cycle mining and new energy industry characteristic fund based in Hong Kong, which is backed by Mainland China, and has a global perspective.

Lisa Liu
Managing Director, Gold Mountains Asset Management Limited

In the fast-paced world of international finance, commodities such as precious metals and new energy metal materials have long been benchmarks. Gold Mountains Asset Management was founded with strong support from its parent company Zijin Mining Group and its more than 35 years of mining experience. Since it set up in Hong Kong nearly a decade ago, Gold Mountains Asset Management has launched diversified financial products, successfully attracting American investors. It established a special fund focusing on exploration with social capital to explore copper, gold and new energy. Its flagship Zijin Global Fund was opened to public investors in 2021, further cementing the group’s position as China’s mining leader and reaching overseas capital markets.

Geological Investment Experts

Gold Mountains Asset Management’s investment team is spearheaded by specialised professionals in mining investment familiar with the latest assets and valuation of global mining and new energy companies. With a daily trading asset management of approximately US$500 million, the firm aims to create multiple fund products that can weather cycles and yield stable returns.

“The unique advantage of Gold Mountains Asset Management is its cross-cycle mining and new energy industry characteristic fund based in Hong Kong, which is backed by Mainland China, and has a global perspective,” explained Lisa Liu, Gold Mountains Asset Management’s Managing Director. “Hong Kong is an international metropolis full of business opportunities. It is repeatedly hailed as the world’s freest economy. The advantages of its business environment are naturally numerous. In addition, asset management companies and family offices intending to open in the city can consult InvestHK in advance to lay the groundwork and deploy business development, enabling us to come into operation in a faster than expected pace.”

Capitalising on GBA Connections

As Hong Kong strengthens its connection with Mainland China’s financial markets, Gold Mountains Asset Management is keenly following the city’s policy developments. The launch of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Hong Kong’s three step policy strategy for developing the private equity market have all benefitted Gold Mountains Asset Management. “The continuous optimisation and new facilitation measures of the government not only improve the market’s liquidity, but also realise the role of risk hedging,” said Liu. Gold Mountains Asset Management further intends to capitalise upon the progress of the Belt and Road Initiative. “Our markets are interconnected,” noted Liu. “We hope that our company’s network will open to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and countries along the Belt and Road so as to develop various innovative businesses.”

Despite the pandemic affecting financial markets over the past several years, Liu believes that challenges and opportunities co-exist. “Hong Kong is endowed with numerous advantages: strong support from the government, a safe and unique business environment, low tax rate, inclusive culture and international talent,” she acknowledged. “These make Hong Kong’s role as a bridge between Mainland China and overseas countries unquestionable.”


Fast Facts

  • Founded in Hong Kong in 2013 to provide mining and new energy-related financial wealth management products, holding Type 4 (securities advisement) and Type 9 (asset management) licences issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
  • The company propelled parent company Zijin Mining Group to become a global player in the mining capital market with Mainland China’s professional global mining fund

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