Hong Kong Plays Key Role in Eyewear Brand’s Vision for Global Expansion

Popular Japanese eyewear brand JINS views Hong Kong’s sophisticated retail market as the ideal gateway for further international growth.

Hong Kong, being the economic hub of Asia and a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities, is highly valuable for promoting the JINS brand overseas.

Maki Ube
Managing Executive Officer (Business in China and Hong Kong, China), JINS Holdings Inc.

Hong Kong’s vibrant retail landscape is characterised by a diverse range of shopping options, spanning from high-end luxury brands to bustling local markets, complemented by a wide range of international clientele. As one of the foremost retail markets in Asia, the city’s business-friendly environment makes it an ideal destination for brands seeking to expand globally. For JINS, a Tokyo-based eyewear brand, Hong Kong has provided the perfect combination of factors to fuel its regional and worldwide business expansion.

Established in 2001 by JINS Holdings Inc, the eyewear brand aims to offer high-quality glasses with Tokyo-inspired designs at affordable prices. Since the opening of its first store in Hong Kong’s popular apm shopping mall in 2018, JINS has launched eight additional stores in prime locations across the city in just five years. JINS also has a number of outlets in Mainland China.

An International Launch Pad

According to Maki Ube, Managing Executive Officer (Business in China and Hong Kong, China) of JINS Holdings Inc., Hong Kong holds strategic importance in expanding JINS’s global presence. “Hong Kong, being the economic hub of Asia and a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities, is highly valuable for promoting the JINS brand overseas,” he said.

Ube emphasised income and spending levels are higher in Hong Kong compared to many other Asian cities. This factor contributes to a sophisticated retail market where even small-scale store development can result in significant profits. “Consumers here are well-travelled and discerning, with a strong appetite for foreign brands. They also have high expectations for quality products and services, which motivate businesses to bring their A game and continuously improve,” he explained.

Despite being relatively new to the eyewear market in Hong Kong, JINS has been able to find success, thanks to the guidance and support of entities such as InvestHK. Not only did the InvestHK team help JINS navigate the relevant business regulations, it also introduced the brand to various local partners. “In addition, they helped us to raise awareness when we opened our shop and regularly shared updates and information on the Hong Kong market, enhancing our operational efficiency. Such support proves invaluable when establishing a new shop in a new region,” Ube said.

Innovation and Expertise Nurture Growth in Hong Kong

With a vision of “Everyone’s Eyewear”, JINS is dedicated to developing novel technologies that cater to the diverse needs of individuals. Ube said, “Our key differentiating factor lies in our ability to introduce innovative solutions and expand into new markets. For instance, one of our notable products, the ‘JINS SCREEN’ glasses, has significantly heightened consumer awareness and demand for blue light-blocking glasses.”

Looking ahead, JINS aims to double its number of stores in Hong Kong within the next three years. Additionally, the brand plans to expand its local team here, recognising the multicultural talent pool as an asset for the company’s ongoing global expansion. “We believe that in order for JINS to open stores around the world and continue growing in the future, it is essential to accumulate the know-how gained through training management personnel and operating stores in Hong Kong,” Ube concluded.

Fast Facts

  • The brand operates 720 stores globally, including locations in Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines and North America
  • In 2013, JINS Holdings Inc. was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

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