Hong Kong Attracts Renowned German Eye Clinic for Expansion

Leveraging Hong Kong’s vibrant business environment, EuroEyes launched its first clinic in the city following its debut global listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The educational system is very good in Hong Kong. Hong Kong doctors possess extensive hands-on experience. They are at the forefront of their field, broad- minded and very easy to work with.

Dr Jørn Jørgensen
Founder, Chairman and CEO, EuroEyes International Eye Clinic

With its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and favourable business environment, Hong Kong provides an ideal platform for medical services companies to flourish and offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and expertise. These compelling factors, combined with a thriving market for vision correction, have attracted EuroEyes, a renowned German eye clinic specialising in laser eye surgeries, to extend its operations to Hong Kong. By leveraging the city’s dynamic and advanced healthcare market, EuroEyes aims to strengthen its foothold in the region.

Capitalising on Hong Kong’s Business Landscape

For three decades, EuroEyes has been dedicated to improving patients’ vision. Dr Jørn Jørgensen, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EuroEyes, aims to eliminate the stigma associated with laser eye surgery. By choosing a prime location in Causeway Bay, a major shopping district, EuroEyes’ investment in the city holds great significance. It follows the successful listing of EuroEyes on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019, a strategic move to captialise on the city’s exceptional business environment.

“We considered markets including London and New York to list,” said Jørgensen. “Since we see our biggest market as Greater China, Hong Kong was the best financial market for our IPO.”

“In view of the growing demand for specialised eye care services, we are adopting a retail direction in Hong Kong. As a result, our new clinic features 18-metre wide windows on the street level, which helps to demystify the brand. Additionally, the upper level will be dedicated to two large operating theatres,” Jørgensen added. 

Strengthening Presence in GBA

To staff the clinic, EuroEyes employs 25 local colleagues in the positions of doctors, nurses, administration and support. Jørgensen noted that the Hong Kong medical culture is international, with a number of symposiums and conferences that welcome knowledge sharing. 

“The educational system is very good in Hong Kong,” noted Jørgensen. “Hong Kong doctors possess extensive hands-on experience. They are at the forefront of their field, broad-minded and very easy to work with.” The Hong Kong clinic enhances the strong presence of EuroEyes in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), which already operates centres in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. “The GBA is the powerhouse of China,” Jørgensen said. “And the Chinese economy is strong.”

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Hamburg, EuroEyes International Eye Clinic specialises in laser vision correction and lens surgery with 38 clinics across the globe
  • Its Hong Kong office was set up in 2019, followed by the launch of its flagship clinic in November 2023

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