Growing "Smart" with Cloud

ZStack, a Mainland cloud-computing technology firm, uses Hong Kong as its global business headquarters, capitalising on Hong Kong's solid IT capacity and smart city development.

Hong Kong sees unprecedented business opportunities lying ahead in the context of Mainland China’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Keith Poon
Executive Managing Director, ZStack

Modern cloud computing enables companies of all sizes to encounter the digital era challenges. With a stack of benefits, including boosted pace, adaptability and versatility, the cloud opens new horizons to amplify businesses' credentials in a more demanding business landscape. Headquartered in Shanghai, ZStack was established in 2015 as an innovative cloud computing solution provider, specialising in cloud-computing research and development. Leveraging Hong Kong's premier status as an innovation and technology (I&T) hub in Asia, ZStack built its Hong Kong office in 2021 to elevate its brand and business globally. It provides services to over 30 countries and regions, supporting some 1,800 enterprises in varied industries.

Driving Force of International Expansion

Hong Kong incorporates I&T to engineer a world-famous Smart Hong Kong distinguished by a vigourous economy and high quality of living. The city, thanks to its unique location, has rapidly developed into a desired destination for cloud service providers. With the motto of "empower every enterprise to have their own cloud", ZStack envisions Hong Kong as the gateway for globalisation. Keith Poon, Executive Managing Director of ZStack, said, "Hong Kong sees unprecedented business opportunities lying ahead in the context of Mainland China's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development and the Belt and Road Initiative. It is an opportune time for Mainland investors to come and leverage Hong Kong's competitive advantages to drive global business growth." Poon appended that their new Hong Kong office enables them to network with local business partners in forming congruous service networks and reinforce their worldwide service capacities.

Towards a Collaborative I&T Ecosystem

The Hong Kong government has a vision to foster the I&T development as a crucial strategy to nurture a more vibrant and multifaceted economy. According to the Government's 2022-23 Budget, $130 billion has been allocated to the I&T development over the past few years, depicting its commitment towards driving industry growth. Poon articulated that "The I&T ecosystem in Hong Kong has grown increasingly vibrant with the government support. It included establishing the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) in 2004 and the Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) in 2015, supporting tech startups and business through Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Cyberport, upgrading universities' research facilities, and initiating funds and schemes to nurture talent."

ZStack is optimistic about the cloud services' prospect as the city has reliable telecommunication infrastructure, superb broadband quality and unrestricted information circulation. Poon explained, "Cloud services have witnessed exceptional growth and demand in Hong Kong, accelerating the development of the I&T industry. ZStack has a unique capacity to capture immense opportunities with our intellectual property rights, open-source cloud code, cloud platform, as well as distinct and premium-quality products. We are also confident that our growth can stimulate the smart city development in Hong Kong."

Poon opined that InvestHK has solidly assisted ZStack. "InvestHK has played a vital role in our company expansion. They have provided invaluable advice on the government funding schemes, shared the industry's latest developments and cultivated our company using their extensive network. The team is undeniably professional, ardent, and effectuated to their duties," he said.


Fast Facts

  • Expanded to Hong Kong in 2021 and currently has around 10 employees in the Hong Kong office, and aims to increase to about 25 staff in 2023
  • Set up its marketing and technical teams in Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia
  • Plans to establish its presence in Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, India and the United Arab Emirates in 2022, and expand its foothold in Europe in 2023

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