FinTech pioneer PropCap links GBA buyers with international property opportunities

Hong Kong-based PropCap is embracing advanced technology to streamline overseas property-buying for people in the affluent Greater Bay Area.

PropCap has been able to ride on Hong Kong’s advances in FinTech and data exchange to offer streamlined overseas property mortgage services for Mainland buyers that just haven’t been available before.

Louis Lee
Chief Distribution Officer, PropCap Technologies
Louis Lee

Billboard advertising is a long-standing advertising format, but in recent years, with the help of several AdTech innovations and digitisation of screen fronts, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is experiencing rapid growth as one of the most dynamic forms of advertising. It harnesses advanced technology such as anonymised mobile-based location data to deliver more targeted advertisements, as well as support real-time reporting and measurement. To this end, advertisers are able to optimise their marketing strategies based on the campaign performance.  

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Hivestack is a leading global independent full stack marketing technology company powering the buy and sell side of programmatic DOOH advertising. It operates in more than 30 markets across the globe. Leveraging its proprietary technology and diverse global team and partners, Hivestack made a foray into the Hong Kong market in 2021. Within a year, Hivestack expanded its DOOH inventory supply with various renowned media owners in Hong Kong, providing brands the opportunity to activate programmatic DOOH buys across different advertising spaces and media types. Its DOOH network covers digital screens in high-traffic locations. Successful collaborations with theme park, mobility service provider and global bank propel Hivestack’s North Asia operations to new heights. 


Ideal Test Pad for Innovation

According to Troy Yang, Managing Director, North Asia of Hivestack, establishing the company’s regional headquarters for North Asia in Hong Kong is a key strategy to drive business growth. “As Asia’s world city, Hong Kong serves as an ideal testing ground for innovation. Our presence in Hong Kong allows us to take the lead and set an example for other markets in North Asia. The success of our operations in Hong Kong will enhance confidence among our investors and partners, playing a crucial role in our expansion efforts.”

Based in Hong Kong, Yang oversees operations in North Asia, including the Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan markets. He underscored the strategic value of Hong Kong’s central location in Asia. “Hong Kong enables closer proximity to customers across the region, and offers a business-friendly environment, favourable tax regime, and exceptional infrastructure and digital capabilities, making it an ideal choice for expanding operations,” he said.

Creating a Robust DOOH Network in North Asia

With the border reopening between Mainland China and Hong Kong, many brands are exploring effective ways to attract and connect with Mainland tourists. Hivestack has formed partnerships with several leading media owners, enabling the creation of an integrated DOOH network with over one million screens across China. Yang emphasised the strategic placement of their digital screens in high-traffic locations such as billboards, shopping malls and transportation hubs. This positioning offers brands the opportunity to enhance their customer journey and execute city and region-wide campaigns across various venues and advertising spaces.

“Hong Kong is undoubtedly a great place for entrepreneurs. Looking ahead, we will continue to leverage its potential to forge strategic partnerships and alliances with technology and media companies in both the city and the broader North Asia region,” Yang concluded.

Fast Facts

  • PropCap is a Hong Kong-based FinTech company with a digital platform that streamlines the overseas property mortgage and funding needs of Greater Bay Area residents
  • PropCap provides KYC and credit checking, online property valuation, access to loan funders, and opportunities for green property investment all in one place, on a fast and efficient platform

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