Ensuring Business Success in Hong Kong’s Thriving Business Ecosystem

FinTech company SS&C Intralinks plays a part in strengthening Hong Kong’s strategic position as Asia’s financial hub by providing data-protection solutions that help corporates reach their full potential.

The culture of Hong Kong is characterised by a profound understanding of both Western and Eastern perspectives. This unique cultural blend holds immense significance and is highly valued.

Jenkins Fung
Head of Banks and Corporates, Greater China SS&C Intralinks

As a prominent global financial hub, Hong Kong has consistently attracted renowned companies from across the globe. SS&C Intralinks, recognising the city’s valuable attributes such as its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and international standing, has been capitalising on these advantages since 2006. By leveraging Hong Kong’s unique position, SS&C Intralinks has actively raised awareness about the significance of data security throughout the wider region.

The global FinTech firm’s suite of services and solutions, including its pioneering Virtual Data Room, has been used by companies for exchanging sensitive information in business transactions, collaborations, and due diligence processes. As a testament to its extensive experience, deep market knowledge, and unwavering commitment to security, compliance, and data protection, Intralinks is a key player and a true partner in the industry. 

Building Trust in Hong Kong and Beyond

According to Jenkins Fung, Head of Banks and Corporates, Greater China of SS&C Intralinks, Hong Kong’s strategic position makes it ideally poised to address the escalating demand for compliance and data protection solutions. The vibrant city continues to serve as a crucial gateway for foreign companies and investors seeking to engage in business activities with Mainland China.

“The culture of Hong Kong is characterised by a profound understanding of both Western and Eastern perspectives. This unique cultural blend holds immense significance and is highly valued,” said Fung. “We have dedicated local teams in most major markets across the globe, and we are truly plugged into the markets. We are well-connected, we understand the local cultures, and market know-how. This is how we set ourselves apart.” Fung said.

Gateway to the Mainland Market

Intralinks’ Hong Kong office has played an instrumental role in facilitating the company’s entry into Mainland China. More recently, the firm has also established offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Fung stated that Intralinks plans to continue exploring opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as well as in other major cities, where the potential for further growth is rife, not just in finance but in other sectors as well.

“It is our priority to provide a safe, compliant and secure environment to businesses to transact and collaborate while simultaneously enhancing operation efficiency and effectiveness,” Fung explained, adding that the company is actively exploring additional use cases for its technology to benefit a wider range of users.

Beyond the financial sector, Intralinks’ technology is being used by healthcare companies to share data for clinical trials; it is used by manufacturing firms to log and streamline their bids; it is even being employed by renewable energy companies looking for secure ways to share data for overseas collaborations.

Given the many opportunities that still lie ahead, Fung is optimistic that Intralinks will continue to “go big” in Hong Kong Mainland China. “There are definitely still a lot of whitespace and untapped market potential in the region. We are excited to be a part of this dynamic marketplace and be playing an instrumental role in data-security and enhancing business effectiveness,” Fung concluded.

Fast Facts

  • Since its establishment in 1996, Intralinks has facilitated over US$35 trillion in financial transactions
  • Intralinks’ Hong Kong office currently employs more than 20 staff across sales, customer service support, marketing and product engineering

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