Creating a Fabrik Ecosystem for FinTech

FinFabrik aims to create a platform where banks, brokers as well as start-ups may connect to create value for their end clients through highly personalised content and great User Experience

Hong Kong is a bridgehead to the rest of Asia.

Alex Medana
Alex Medana
CEO and Co-Founder of FinFabrik

inFabrik is a Financial Technology solutions builder that develops technology in capital markets and wealth management. Its ultimate mission is to help companies provide better financial services to clients using data analytics.

Creating a Fabrik Ecosystem for FinTech
To accelerate its client’s business with custom-made solutions, FinFabrik has developed a library of technical building blocks, which can be flexibly combined to form a module, and by joining together several modules, create a solution. At the core of this approach lies the Fabrik, an API (Application Programming Interface)-layer that enables all blocks to work together. Current solutions are BrokerFabrik, a retail brokerage platform, AlgoFabrik, an algorithmic platform for smart execution, quantitative research and trade automation & WealthFabrik, a wealth management platform underpinned by advanced data analytics capabilities.

The three co-founders of FinFabrik, including Alex Medana, a French, Dr. Florian M Spiegl, an Austrian and Marcel van der Vliet, a Dutch came together a year ago. Shortly within a year, FinFabrik has developed into a fully-fledged international team of 11, plus two third-party developers based in Shenzhen. “Our growth so far has really been organic – people heard about FinFabrik, shared the same vision and wanted to join us,” Medana said.

“At the core we are solution builders. All of us have real and complementary experience in capital markets, banking, asset management, telecommunications or insurance. Our company is open to talent from anywhere as long as it adds value both ways. It is important for us to give our team members the opportunity to deliver to their best potential,” he added.

Medana finds Hong Kong an amazing city. “The tax system is one of the best in the world, the ease of transport, the excellent telecommunications and the availability of a talent pool. But if you think Hong Kong is your end market, think twice. As we expand into other types of solutions, we have to look beyond the city itself, which is strategically located right at the centre of Asia,” he said.

His vision is to build up a big company within five years. “There are lots of buzzwords out there like machine learning, big data, user experience, blockchain, and so on. But at the end of the day, we want to give our clients, including brokers, banks, asset managers, family offices, solutions to not only help them run a leaner organisation but to delight their end clients through data analytics. And right now our focus is on wealth management and capital markets,” he explained.

Medana is actively involved in the Fintech Association of Hong Kong as a board member with the mission to collaborate, advocate and educate. “There are talents but we have to make an effort to find them, train and retain them.”

He finds the Fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong very dynamic. “Hong Kong may not be a huge market in itself but it is a bridgehead to the rest of Asia,” he said.

He encourages entrepreneurs based outside of Hong Kong to talk to InvestHK and to talk to founders, especially those who have failed. It is important to get the raw idea of what it’s like to start your own business, and not just an embellished story.


Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2016 by a French, an Austrian and a Dutch
  • 11 staff in Hong Kong with two third-party developers in Shenzhen

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