A City of Convergence for World-class Media and Entertainment

With its thriving and global-facing entertainment industry, Hong Kong serves as a melting pot of Chinese and Hollywood production.

Hong Kong’s level playing field means that companies can take advantage of its clear policies and intellectual property law to develop their creative business.

Su Huo
General Manager, TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited

Established in 1998, Hunan TV and Broadcast Media is a leading media company in Mainland China and is held by Golden Eagle Broadcasting System (GBS). It has developed into a large-scale integrated cultural media company with core businesses ranging from cable TV network operation, cultural tourism, venture capital investment, media and online game business.

In 2014, the company set up its wholly-owned subsidiary TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited in Hong Kong, through which it entered a strategic partnership with Lions Gate International Slate Investment S.A., a leading global film and television studio’s subsidiary, to co-finance numerous blockbusters. The partnership marked a new era of in-depth collaboration between Chinese and Hollywood production.

Level playing field for business success

“Facing towards the global market, Hong Kong is Asia’s major business hub. Its international status helps companies and regional decision makers build closer connection and grasp opportunities,” said Su Huo, General Manager of TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited. “The city’s open and transparent business environment has also helped us to reach more international customers. Hong Kong’s level playing field means that companies can take advantage of its clear policies and intellectual property law to develop their creative business.”

According to Su, Hong Kong is an important springboard for Mainland China’s outward and inward investment. “As one of the core cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and information and media hub, Hong Kong has world-class entertainment, film and media industries. Mainland media enterprises should leverage the city’s unique position to invest and expand in Hong Kong,” he added.

A global talent hub well-supported by government

Su remarked that the city offers a diverse and high quality talent pool for both Mainland and international companies to set up its base in Hong Kong. “The government has further expanded its Technology Talent Admission Scheme, which has successfully attracted global professional. Such comprehensive support has widened the talent pool in the city, and is conducive in strengthening the future development here.”

At the moment, TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited’s focuses on overseas film and television investments. Expecting a gradual recovery of the domestic film and TV industries, the company is seeking investment opportunities in the Mainland and overseas projects. In addition to its core entertainment and media business, the company is also tapping on art investment, FinTech and cultural tourism, with a focus in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the US market. “We will continue to participate in the art auction market, and at the same time look to expanding our cultural tourism projects in the GBA as a new business stream. We will actively consolidate the content resources from Hunan TV and Broadcast Media, and strategise our growth in the cultural travel business,” Su added.

Su finds that InvestHK’s assistance is crucial for Mainland and overseas companies to expand in Hong Kong. “InvestHK provides a wide range of free ‘one-stop’ services and advice. We therefore recommend other Mainland enterprises to contact the department at their planning stage, so as to obtain information and make good use of these reliable resources,” he concluded.


Fast Facts

  • Hunan TV and Broadcast Media Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1999.
  • TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited currently employs five directors and two local employees, with a plan to hire more positions including business analyst and finance officer.

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