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Building Bridges via Hong Kong

Schenck Process helps manufacturers with process expertise and well-engineered measuring technology for bulk materials processing across various industries from construction, mining, metal to food, chemical and performance materials.

Globalisation is inherent in today’s system for processing commodities into useable consumer goods. Metal, food and plastic are typically sourced in one country and refined in another one with the technical capability to efficiently transform them into desirable products. Schenck Process originally began as a manufacturer of iron foundry and weighing machines in Darmstadt, Germany with Mercedes Benz founder Carl Benz as its first technical employee. Over the years, Schenck Process has grown to nearly 3,000 employees and encompasses a broad range of products in numerous industries. Engineering expertise remains at its core.

“We are a services and solutions partner of the customer,” said Knut Udo Wiszniewski, Schenck Process’ Managing Director & General Manager for Greater China. “Mainland China is one of the few countries where we cover the entire spectrum of industries: food, chemicals, plastics, cement, coal, lead and copper — all are mined, grown or manufactured there. No matter how clean or dirty the material, our company will help refine and process it. We always need engineers on the ground. Vibrating screen products remain our specialty over the years.”

Linking Mainland and the World

“Thanks to its strategic location, Schenck Process’ Hong Kong office acts as a bridge between its Beijing and Shanghai offices, its Tianjin plant and its international clientele,” Noted Wiszniewski. “A mine may be in Australia but is owned by a Chinese company. We serve them in Hong Kong.” The Belt & Road Initiative brings projects in India, Senegal and Turkey closer to its Chinese customers, while the Greater Bay Area’s food production plants offer unlimited business potential.

With pandemic restrictions limiting travel, around half of daily operations can be conducted virtually, as meeting the customers face to face and checking the equipment onsite are still important. “Nevertheless, Hong Kong offers unique management and marketing advantages. Hong Kong has diverse talent, which is key to a successful company,” stated Wiszniewski. “We need staff members who can speak English, Putonghua and Cantonese, and people here are fluent in these three languages. Hong Kong has always been a place for trading, and it offers good expertise in strategic purchasing. There are good engineering schools in the city. From an administrative perspective, it is easy to do business in Hong Kong as it offers simple customs and taxation systems.”

With homes in Germany and Beijing, Wiszniewski spends half his time in Hong Kong and appreciates the guidance offered by InvestHK. “We needed advice finding staff members,” he admitted. “Our human resources department is in Mainland China and is unfamiliar with Hong Kong employment policies and contracts. InvestHK guided us through these small details. I appreciate that Hong Kong people think outside the box and will go outside a process to make things work.”


Fast Facts

  • Founded by Carl Schenck in 1881 and headquartered in Germany, Schenck Process is a global leader in innovative solutions and systems for selected process technologies including weighing, feeding, screening, filtration, mixing, milling, conveying and so on
  • Its Hong Kong office supports Schenck Process’ Greater China base in Tianjin and oversees international trade and management

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