The ART of Running a Hospital

Gleneagles Hospital’s commitment to the city is proved by its continuous expansion and strategic partnership.

Gleneagles is not just another private hospital but we aspire to contribute to the healthcare development of Hong Kong in the long-run.

Dr Kenneth Tsang
Chief Executive Officer, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Since its commencement in Hong Kong in 2017, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (Gleneagles) has been committed to providing high standard of services along with technology advancements. Being part of the largest healthcare groups in the world, IHH Healthcare, Gleneagles is able to leverage the group’s strong network and resources to bring in new and advanced technology and equipment. “Our goal is to offer the community high-quality healthcare services with accessibility, transparency and innovation,” said Dr Kenneth Tsang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gleneagles.

To achieve this goal, Dr Tsang implements the “ART” strategy which stands for “advanced”, “responsibility”, and “touch and technology”. “We have to be advanced in medical technologies and services to keep pace with the ever-changing environment, and we take the responsibility of driving changes in the medical sector,” he added. “For touch, our hospital’s excellent and personalised food and beverage service offers patients a warm experience during their stay,” the CEO said.

Striving for better and bigger

In 2019, Gleneagles opened its first satellite medical clinic in Central offering general practice (GP) and specialist consultation services. After a year in service, the clinic moved to a larger premise and expand its service scope to include more specialties such as ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology, etc.

To offer patients peace of mind, Gleneagles has rolled out more than 240 all-inclusive fixed price packages to cover all costs related to the surgery or procedure.

In addition, Gleneagles launched the “My Gleneagles SmartHealth” app in 2020 that allows patients to make outpatient appointment, view health records, settle bills and keep records of laboratory. “As part of a global healthcare group, we want to be in the forefront of medical services,” Dr Tsang said.

Expansion through collaboration

Gleneagles also collaborated with strategic partners to launch a hypertension care programme in April 2021, which combines medical consultation with remote blood pressure monitoring via a telemedicine platform. Through the platform, doctors also conduct teleconsultation and prescribe medication.

In addition to working with companies of different sectors in Hong Kong on a variety of innovative initiatives, Gleneagles has been committed to its unique partnership with The University of Hong Kong, which oversees the hospital’s clinical governance. Recently, the pair has also started collaborating on medical research projects.

Riding on the advanced healthcare ecosystem in the city with abundant professional medical practitioners and partnering with internationally recognised universities, Gleneagles has set an important milestone in 2021 that it has become a satellite research centre of The University of Hong Kong. “We are not just another private hospital but we aspire to contribute to the healthcare development of Hong Kong in the long-run,” Dr Tsang stressed.

In retrospect, the COVID-19 pandemic has further enlightened the CEO’s thoughts and visions. “We have to be more far-sighted, and at the same time, we feel obliged to serve the community of Hong Kong.” Dr Tsang concluded that expansions in Hong Kong and to the Mainland, particularly the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is definitely on the hospital’s development agenda.


Fast Facts

  • Gleneagles set up its hospital in Hong Kong in 2017 and opened its first satellite medical clinic in Central in 2019, which now offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostic investigations and treatment services, as well as wider specialist services
  • In 2021, Gleneagles became a satellite research centre of The University of Hong Kong

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