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Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS)

Launched in September 2004, TCFS aims to enhance the level of collaboration on research and development (R&D) among universities, research institutes and technology enterprises in Hong Kong and Guangdong /Shenzhen.

What kind of projects will be funded by TCFS? 

TCFS provides funding support for both platform and collaborative R&D projects. Projects funded by the TCFS will have to demonstrate an element of Hong Kong and Guangdong or Hong Kong and Shenzhen cooperation (e.g. collaboration between research institutes in Hong Kong and Guangdong/Shenzhen).

What is the difference between platform and collaborative projects?
Platform projects refer to applied R&D projects that are industry-oriented and have potential for commercialisation. The projects must be undertaken by R&D Centres or designated local public research institutes. All platform projects require industry sponsorship from at least one private company to cover at least 10% of the total project cost within the project period. The IP rights generated from the projects will be owned by the lead applicants.

Collaborative projects refer to R&D projects undertaken by R&D Centres or designated local public research institutes in collaboration with industry co-applicants. The industry co-applicant should contribute, in the form of industry sponsorship, at least 50% of the total project cost if it wishes to own the IP rights generated from the project.

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