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Hong Kong’s prime location ensures that those involved in consumer products have proximity to both vendors and consumers. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or someone involved in sourcing, buying or trading, you are well supported by specialists in channel development and multi-platform marketing. The large market size of Hong Kong and Mainland China allows great scope for organisations to find success across a variety of industries.

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The following areas currently offer an abundance of opportunities in the world of consumer products:

  • Retail - As the top shopping destination for over 56 million global visitors, Hong Kong is an unrivalled ‘shop window’ for retailers and the ideal testbed for new launches. Brands can maximise retail opportunities including Hong Kong’s free port, low tax base and the absence of sales tax. 
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care - Hong Kong’s open regulatory environment for cosmetics has ensured significant market space for both cosmetics and personal care. Skincare products are the biggest industry seller and local consumers are always up to date with the latest trends. Retail sales excluding internet sales reached US$6billion in 2016.  
  • E-tail & e-platform Sourcing - Online shopping has become increasingly popular amongst locals with purchases predicted to increase more than 50%over the next two years. Opportunities are present for organisations to source new products with regional shopping platforms. Hong Kong’s location makes it an ideal gateway to Mainland China and other emerging markets and manufacturing regions. 
  • Jewellery - Hong Kong is the world’s largest exporter of custom jewellery and sixth largest exporter of jewellery. The industry is buoyed by designers, buyers, suppliers and several leading trade shows. Jewellery is one of the top shopping purchases made by visitors and are sought for their quality and authenticity. 
  • Sourcing - Several of the world’s biggest retailers have set up their regional or global sourcing operations in Hong Kong due to the city’s strategic business advantages. 

Fast Facts
sales tax
invest hong kong
Zero sales tax and no import tariffs on almost all products
invest hong kong
HK$53 billion worth of cosmetics and medicine were sold at retail stores in 2016
purchased cosmetics
invest hong kong
25% of overnight visitors purchased cosmetics in 2016
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