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VR Gaming is Tomorrow Entertainment

Digital entertainment company Tomorrow Entertainment launched VR gaming arena Zero Latency in Hong Kong.

Established in 2016, Tomorrow Entertainment is one of the leading providers in premium experience-based leisure and entertainment. The company manages different brands, including BOUNCE INC, Clip ‘n’ Climb and Zero Latency. In March 2019, the company started the first Zero Latency virtual reality (VR) game arena in Kwun Tong, the city’s business district with gleaming office towers and creative hotspots.

Originating from Australia, Zero Latency is one of the pioneers in free-roaming multi-player VR gaming. With wireless technology, motion tracker and warehouse-scale physical space, players can explore the game space freely while focusing on the immersive worlds and not having to wonder where the walls are. 

According to Steve Tindall, General Manager of Hong Kong & Macau, the company’s mission is to bring innovative entertainment and leisure experiences to a growing middle class, who are demanding better offerings and services. “It’s all about the entire experience, but not just technology or the actual product.” He is very excited to bring Zero Latency to Hong Kong, “Being the fastest rising technology hub in Asia, Hong Kong is poised to become one of the world’s technological leaders. The city provides us an ideal platform for the launch of retail technology brands like Zero Latency.” 

To differentiate itself from the keen competition, Zero Latency can hold up to eight players in each game. “Instead of just one to two players that most competitors enabled, we would like to get the whole team involved and share a more fulfilling experience,” Tindall said.

Other than VR gaming, Tindall finds eSports is gaining momentum in Hong Kong especially with the support from the Government. “VR gaming forums such as Hong Kong’s trade shows and events not only act as a platform for the stakeholders to interact, but they also educate the public about the offerings available in the industry.” For future planning, Tomorrow Entertainment will also explore the potential in bringing eSports-style games to the market.

An Ideal Base for Expansion

In terms of clientele, the company not only targets young millennials who are willing to spend on digital entertainment but corporate clients who are constantly looking for innovative ways to build up teamwork. “More and more corporations understand that a healthy and happy employee is a productive employee,” Tindall added. “The growing demand for a new and exciting training experience in Hong Kong opens up new business opportunities for VR game arenas like us.” 

“We view Hong Kong as a base for us to expand into the Mainland China which is a fast growing VR market thanks to the rising popularity of virtual games and significant economic development in the region,” Tindall said. Tindall enjoys living in Hong Kong. “With the convenient public transportation system, I can access to anywhere within 15 minutes where I can enjoy the natural landscape or sumptuous food choices.”

InvestHK has been supporting Tomorrow Entertainment in expanding its business network and providing assistance in preparation of its expansion project in the city.


Fast Facts

  • A leading provider in premium experience-based leisure and entertainment
  • One of its brands, Zero Latency from Melbourne, Australia, has over 30 VR arenas in 18 countries

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