Shaping Hong Kong’s Culinary Scene

Leveraging Hong Kong’s vibrant dining scene, Happy Lamb Hot Pot brings unique and top-notch gastronomic experiences to customers in the city.

If discerning gourmands in Hong Kong embrace and cherish Happy Lamb Hot Pot, we are confident that the rest of the world will enthusiastically relish and welcome our delicacy.

Zhang Gang
President, Inner Mongolia Happy Little Sheep Catering Management Co. Ltd.

With a long-standing history, “hot pot” has been an integral part of the food culture in Hong Kong. Founded in Mainland China by the original team of Little Sheep, formerly a Hong Kong-listed company, Happy Lamb Hot Pot is a re-created brand name. It debuted in Hong Kong in 2018. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Happy Lamb Hot Pot has continued to expand its business, both at home and abroad. Recently, two restaurants have been set up in Hong Kong, attracting more than 300,000 customers each year.

Hong Kong — a Springboard towards the Whole World

Zhang Gang, President of Inner Mongolia Happy Little Sheep Catering Management Co. Ltd., reckons that Hong Kong is a pivotal base for expanding overseas and Southeast Asian markets. “Hong Kong is a culinary capital, enjoying an excellent reputation in the Chinese and international food scene. If discerning gourmands in Hong Kong embrace and cherish Happy Lamb Hot Pot, we are confident that the rest of the world will enthusiastically relish and welcome our delicacy,” Zhang stated. “Our business in Hong Kong is a benchmark for Happy Lamb to expand globally and helps boost our investors’ and partners’ confidence, indispensable to our overseas expansion.”

He believes that Hong Kong, a financial centre in Asia, provides a solid platform for businesses. “Thanks to its low tax rates and simple taxation system, coupled with strong social inclusion, Hong Kong is like a melting pot, embracing a rich blend of eastern and western cultures and cuisines. A wealth of talent with international perspectives and overseas exposure render Hong Kong a unique talent pool, immensely nurturing our globalisation,” Zhang said.

Finely Crafted Culinary Experience

Happy Lamb Hot Pot has always adhered to the concept of “product is king” as their success motto. With more than 20 years of experience in global business operations, the team has a firm and evolving grasp of customer tastes. “What differentiate us from the rest are the carefully made broth and the well-chosen fresh ingredients. We cook our broth with fresh and unique ingredients for more than six hours. We also leverage Hong Kong’s convenient access to imported goods to procure high-quality meat worldwide. We are delighted to provide a restaurant option that is good value for money for Hong Kong customers,” Zhang said.

Even though the impact of COVID-19 has been felt, Zhang pointed out that the Hong Kong government has implemented various support schemes, providing crucial backup to the continuous operation of the catering industry. “Once the pandemic stabilises, we will continue to find new restaurant locations in Hong Kong and leverage the city’s strengths to expedite our global expansion.” 

“InvestHK provided a wide range of support to our inauguration in Hong Kong, including business networking opportunities, valuable information on government policies, industry regulations and funding schemes, and assistance in communicating with other government departments. Thanks to their solid support, Happy Lamb Hot Pot has started at a fast pace and is well poised to expand its business,” Zhang concluded.

Fast Facts

  • The brand currently has more than 160 employees in Hong Kong and plans to create more job positions as the business expands
  • It operates 102 restaurants in 87 cities across nine countries, serving about six million customers worldwide each year

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