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Powering Up Businesses Communications with New Technologies

Leveraging Hong Kong’s status as an ICT hub, DYXnet eyes expansion in Mainland China and Asia Pacific Region for its robust development in new technologies and IT infrastructure.

Businesses rely heavily on technology for communications in various means. From email, instant message to phone and video conference, a fast and reliable network connection is pivotal. Headquartered in Hong Kong, DYXnet is one of the leading-carrier-neutral network service providers in Greater China, specialising in enterprise network and IT solutions to support over 1,700 enterprises and global carriers in Asia. 

DYXnet’s enterprise network solutions include Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), internet access, data center services, and network security solutions. To help customers strengthen their operational backbone, DYXnet extended their service offerings to Cloud Solutions in 2020, and became the first authorised reseller of Zoom, the US-based video conferencing cloud platform, which dedicated to the Hong Kong market.  

Tony Tsang, CEO of DYXnet Group, sees great opportunity in the market with the acceleration of digital adoption. “There has been a rising demand for data storage and transfer services within business organisations, especially when remote working has become a new trend. We have been continuously investing in network and cloud technologies to help clients come up with plans for business continuity.”

A supportive government for I&T development

DYXnet has been delighted to see the support to IT industry from the government since setting up its headquarters in Hong Kong 20 years ago. “The government has put a lot of effort in propelling the innovation and technology (I&T) development in the city, rolling out a list of incubation and subsidiary programmes to encourage collaboration within the industry,” Tsang said, “at the same time, we are actively exploring opportunities with local universities to work on the innovation of our products and service.”

According to Tsang, DYXnet has also been benefitted from an increased interaction with neighbouring Mainland Chinese cities. “The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has grown into an ecosystem with an abundant supply of technological resources. The advent of new technologies such as 5G, AI and Big Data has led to a growing demand for more robust IT infrastructures which we can offer professional and reliable cross-border network solutions to those companies with our leading position in Greater China.” he said. “Hong Kong’s position as a communication hub facilitates our business operations within Asia, as well as serving as a good test bed for our products to enter the much bigger Mainland China and international markets.” 

A diverse multicultural talent pool

With its core management team based in Hong Kong, DYXnet also leverages the rich technology talent pool with a mix of local and overseas expertise, as Tsang said, “they are hardworking and skillful, equipped with a good understanding of the development in Mainland China and other parts of the world. Their visions allow us to bridge the gap in serving our overseas customers in Mainland China.”

Looking ahead, DYXnet plans to build a bigger team in Hong Kong to facilitate its international expansion. Tsang expresses his gratitude to InvestHK being a resourceful partner in their business development, “InvestHK has provided us with local industry analysis to gain more insight into the technological developments in Hong Kong. We are also invited to participate in different events to build connections with business partners and startup communities.”


Fast Facts

  • DYXnet is operating a core network with nearly 50 points of presence in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
  • The Hong Kong office houses over 80 staff covering different functions including CEO Office, Sales, Marketing, HR & Admin, finance, product development, quality management, network operation and information system, etc.
  • DYXnet has partnered with Zoom as their first authorised reseller dedicated to the Hong Kong market since 2020

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