Hong Kong — the Perfect Headquarters for Global eCommerce Logistics

WE World Express uses Hong Kong as base to accelerate growth, offering quick and reliable international deliveries to businesses.

Having worked in many Asian cities, I can say Hong Kong is the best city so far to find the right talent.

Hakan Bulat
Chief Executive Officer, WE World Express

The exponential growth of eCommerce means that smooth and timely delivery of goods becomes more important than ever. Factoring into the equation is the pandemic. Companies rely on excellent logistics to ensure quick and reliable transport of everything from prototype samples to cargoes. Founded in 2019, WE World Express is a joint venture between Istanbul-based Turkish Airlines, Mainland China parcel distributor giant ZTO Express and Hong Kong logistics-related investment vehicle PAL Air Ltd. The company, headquartered in Hong Kong, provides cross-border logistics solutions to businesses, connecting more than 100 countries globally.

Trident of Logistics Strengths

Hakan Bulat, WE World Express’ Chief Executive Officer, explained what each company brought to the table: “Turkish Airlines has one of the widest international networks in the world. As one of the largest logistics companies in the Mainland, ZTO Express has rich experience in express deliveries, logistics distribution and warehousing. Lastly, PAL Air Ltd. offers vast experience in cross-border eCommerce logistics. In addition, our own proprietary logistics platform provides real-time tracking for our partners, enabling them to manage their parcels or cargoes in a digitalised and cost-effective manner. In that regard, WE World Express is ahead of the curve when it comes to digitalisation and logistics arrangements.”

Bulat only considered Hong Kong for WE World Express’ headquarters. “The city has the perfect geographical location,” he said. “It offers international trade advantages, first-class transport facilities and networks, a robust legal system, and sophisticated infrastructure. Plus, it is backed by the Pearl River Delta and Mainland China’s strong product capacity. Being in the heart of Asia facilitates rapid sea and air deliveries from southern China to any part of the world.”

Government Support for eCommerce

Bulat welcomes the Hong Kong government’s support for eCommerce. “We believe the new three-runway system at Hong Kong International Airport will help us a lot — both on the ground and in air capacity,” he stated. “Going forward, our company will continue to benefit from Hong Kong’s existing logistics advantages complement with initiatives in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.”

Though the pandemic affected WE World Express with border closures and stalled production impacting freight and logistics operations, the company was able to thrive and expand. It currently delivers to more than 100 countries around the globe and is ripe for growth. “Hong Kong is an international city with relatively relaxed immigration policies,” said Bulat. “Having worked in many Asian cities, I can say Hong Kong is the best city so far to find the right talent. InvestHK helped us grow by promoting our services and providing information on government benefits that helped our expansion.”

For Bulat, Hong Kong offers a diversity that he enjoys fully. “The frenetic mix of modern skyscrapers and vast mountains makes this place truly mesmerising,” he enthused. “It has wonderful food, a vibrant culture and many business opportunities. Hong Kong is a fantastic destination for expats and their families.”


Fast Facts

  • The company was founded in 2019 to offer cross-border eCommerce logistics to businesses
  • Its Hong Kong global headquarters launched with four employees in 2019 and grew to 45 staff members by 2022

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