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Digital Corporate Services for All

Osome is a rapidly growing digital corporate service provider that caters to the needs of startups, SMEs and anyone who needs a little administrative help.

Doing business in today’s volatile market climes is challenging enough without having to worry about day-to-day operations. Osome is a Singapore-headquartered company that assists SMEs with their business utilising innovative software to organise documents, track deadlines and process reports. It is a one-stop shop that facilitates company openings, corporate compliance, bookkeeping, accounting, work permits and all the other necessities associated with running a company.

“We target high labour cost, English speaking, common-law markets,” explained Vlad Sharuda, Vice President, Partnerships with Osome. “Singapore was a starting point for us, but Hong Kong’s corporate services industry is four to five times bigger and the next step for us to take our proven formula here. Our certified experts focus on answering questions, offering tax advice and proactively helping our customers. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and constantly adopt or develop our own cutting-edge technology to further automate corporate services. Of course, much of our efficiency depends on the tech friendliness of a particular jurisdiction, so we work closely with local governments to promote digitisation.”

Speedy Solutions for Complex Problems

Sharuda believes that being able to quickly deliver complex solutions is Osome’s competitive edge, and cites a proven track record that can be applied to Hong Kong clients. “We were one of the first to adopt Singapore’s digital ID capabilities into our Know Your Customer process to help local clients pass KYC without needing to speak to anyone,” he elaborated. “We were also the first to offer single day incorporation and bank account opening with no human involvement in collaboration with our partners from OCBC Bank.” Although much of Osome’s technology is not visible to the consumer, the end result is that its customers spend less time on administrative work than would otherwise be required. 

“We service SMEs across many different industries, from a deep technology startup to a hawker stall selling noodles,” Sharuda said. “The beauty of our offering is the ease of adoption by clients, as working with us is similar to chatting with a friend, while seeing all their corporate secretarial and accounting matters get handled on their phone. Our clients enjoy our response speed and quality of advice complemented by being able to access their company data from anywhere 24/7.”

Digitalising Traditional Services

Sharuda noticed that Hong Kong startups are more likely to lean towards FinTech, logistics and trading, while Singaporean ones are more industry agnostic. Both cities have strong startup and SME communities that are ready for digital corporate services. “At the same time, the corporate services industry is quite traditional, manual and paper based,” he observed. “It is a great opportunity to present an affordable, high quality and convenient product to Hong Kong’s SMEs that covers all their needs, freeing up their time to focus on their own clients, products and teams. We are exploring the possibility of hiring tech staff to boost the development speed of our Hong Kong product, as the local talent pool is quite strong.”


Fast Facts

  • Established in Singapore in 2017, Osome expanded quickly and launched its Hong Kong regional office in late 2019 with over 30 employees to date
  • Osome helps entrepreneurs set up and run their businesses online via a cloud-based platform, with 10,000 clients across Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK

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