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Building on Hong Kong’s Financial Strengths

Shanxi Securities International Financial Holdings Limited acts as the bridge to help Mainland companies to go global.

In recent years, Shanxi Province has been experiencing a rapid economic growth. To further enhance its development, it is important to leverage on mature capital market to catalyse and mobilse various investing and financing activities. Shanxi Securities Co. Ltd. (SSL) through acquisition and capital injection into Gelin Dahua Futures (Hong Kong) Limited (renamed as Shanxi Securities International Financial Holdings Limited (SSIF) in February 2016), which officially established a wholly owned offshore integrated platform for Shanxi Securities Co Ltd. The company now provides a comprehensive range of services, including global securities, futures and options, global asset allocation, corporate offshore financing, merger & acquisition advisory, and commodities trading.

According to Jerry Tse, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong is an international wealth management centre backed by a sophisticated legal system, simple and low tax regime and capital flow is open and highly liquid. “With access to resources from both Mainland China and overseas, Hong Kong plays the role as an essential investment platform under the Belt and Road initiative, as well as a bridge for Mainland Chinese companies to expand overseas. ” Most of the company’s services are focus in Mainland and Hong Kong, they have clients spanning across Shanxi, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Greater Bay Area. The company riding on Hong Kong’s robust and strong financial system to help more organisations to go towards global.

Talent is the Key

To distinguish itself from other competitors in the market, SSIF has launched a range of differentiated products and services, including Bond Connect, trade finance, investment and exchange-traded funds. Through a team of local professionals with profound experience in the finance industry and professional knowledge coupled with parent company’s (SSL) support and onshore synergy. These are leading the company moving forward as a financial intermediary that fosters capital market operations as well as serving customers and the real economy.

Tse also sees a strong and diverse talent pool in the region. The Hong Kong government has spared no efforts and implemented numerous initiatives in nurturing the young generation in order to sustain Hong Kong’s development and cement its status as the leading global financial centre. 

“InvestHK has been our guide since our establishment in the city.  They always connect us with the right people and network; hence saving us time and money from finding all the right resources ourselves,” Tse concluded.


Fast Facts

  • An important offshore financial institution of the Shanxi Province
  • Hong Kong office currently employs 80 staff and plans to hire more to facilitate its continuing business expansion

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