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Bringing the Best of Argentinian Tastes to Hong Kong

Argentinian food trading company plans for retail stores in the city to enter Mainland China market.

Founded and headquartered in Hong Kong, Global Sight International (GSI) operates in the field of trading, distribution, import and export, supplying restaurants, hotels, supermarkets with Argentine and South American premium food products. 

GSI was founded by two childhood friends, Romulo Gonzalez Johansen and Hernan Caetano das Pedras, who came to Hong Kong 10 years ago. “We did a lot of research about where in Asia to start our business. We found that Hong Kong was listed as one of most business-friendly places in the world in terms of setting up a business, talent, and taxation,” said Romulo Gonzalez Johansen, Managing Director, “we also prefer doing business in Hong Kong where rules are transparent, and that’s why we made the decision to come here, and we never regret that.” 

Pioneer of Argentine Food Import 

With a small warehouse, a portable fridge and some beef samples, the two founders started their business in 2009 by knocking door at restaurants around the city. “Argentina has long been renowned for its excellent beef and wine, we were confident that we had great opportunity here as we are the pioneer of bringing Argentine food to the city,” said Hernan Caetano das Pedras, Commercial Director. “Today, we are proud to say that we have accumulated some really high-end customers, and have successfully built up our reputation in Hong Kong’s food and beverage scene.” 

GSI currently imports not only premium chilled cuts directly from Argentina serving Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels and high-end supermarkets, but also frozen loafs for other distributors in Hong Kong. It also brings other Argentine specialties, such as wine, Dulce de Leche (a milk-based confection from Latin America) to the Hong Kong epicureans. 

“We want to be the top company of Argentine food products in the city, and we believe that we will continue to grow and develop locally and regionally,” said Gonzalez Johansen. 

Eyes on Retail and China Market 

After ten years of development, GSI’s next move is to open its first retail shop in the city which will boost its brand in the region, especially Mainland China market. “Hong Kong is the ‘shopping mall’ of Mainland China; if a product works here, it will also work in Mainland,” he said, “however, there is still a lot to do in terms of market penetration and market education of Argentine products in the region.” 

He concluded, “we strongly recommend companies which are planning to set up business in Hong Kong to contact different institutions here, such as InvestHK, consulates or chambers of commerce as they are an excellent information source. Their network is also of big help to expand your business and contacts.”


Fast Facts

  • Recently expanded the team to support the plan for a new retail shop
  • With Argentina government support, the two founders also set up the Argentina Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in 2010

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