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AI and Data Services that Go Beyond the Limits

ThinkCol’s solutions help businesses stay ahead of the game.

As the world heads towards a data-driven era, ThinkCol co-founders, Sam Ho and Kane Wu, saw the opportunity to establish an artificial intelligence (AI) and data science-focused consultancy. Within a mere five years, the firm has grown by leaps and bounds with plans of service expansion and international growth.

The reason for starting ThinkCol in Hong Kong is simple and straightforward. “Hong Kong renders an ideal B2B environment where many international companies have set up their head offices. We strive to empower the next generation of AI talent in the city and increase Hong Kong’s international recognition as an important AI powerhouse,” Ho said.

Since its establishment, ThinkCol has created more than 100 prototypes across 10 industries and developed full-fledged solutions for various publicly-listed firms.  The company has also transformed itself from a two-man band to a home for 20 AI and data specialists.

Driving AI and data innovation 

ThinkCol’s expertise lies in its delivery of customized AI and data solutions and sets out to be organizations’ trusted AI partner.  Skilled in multiple facets of data and AI technology, such as predictive analytics, customer segmentation, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer vision, ThinkCol is an AI enabler for large corporates.  It offers five realms of services: consulting, tailor-making AI solutions, conducting data analysis, heading data science trainings, and organising hackathons.

For example, the company used its know-how to help a leading property conglomerate to identify related topics that would be of interest to their different customers. “Previously, businesses had to dig out marketing ideas without any data to prove their relevance. Now, with ThinkCol’s input, the conglomerate can pin down more effective marketing themes,” said Wu.

ThinkCol also worked with a leading health and beauty retailer to generate AI ideas geared towards specific business pain points. “In fact, it’s not just about data. It’s also about collaborating with business users to understand their various business processes that can ultimately lead to strategic insights and data-driven decisions,” Wu elaborated.

Forging ahead 

To further promote the use of AI and entice a wider spectrum of businesses, is established as ThinkCol’s product arm that involves and Fasta Wealth as its major offerings. The former is an AI social analytics platform for crisis management, while the latter is a collection of AI personalised wealth management services. incorporates the company’s self-developed NLP technology to categorise social media posts, detect conversation patterns, measure sentiment and predict virality. It is currently used by world-leading aerospace companies, banks and multi-national corporates. is also expanding towards the FinTech sphere. Partnering with Privé Technologies, is currently developing AI applications scalable in different financial institutions with the objective of bringing intelligent wealth management services for the masses.

At the end, ThinkCol co-founders appreciate InvestHK’s role and efforts in supporting new businesses and fostering the startup environment in Hong Kong.


Fast Facts

  • Sam Ho and Kane Wu established ThinkCol in 2016. Since then, the company has created 100 prototypes across 10 industries and developed full-fledged solutions for various publicly-listed firms
  • is ThinkCol’s product arm that involves, an AI social analytics platform for crisis management, and Fasta Wealth, a collection of AI personalised wealth management services, as its major offerings

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