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Cleaner Production Partner Programme (CP3)


To encourage and facilitate Hong Kong-owned factories in Hong Kong / Guangdong to adopt Cleaner Production (CP) technologies and practices. They could make positive contribution to a cleaner environment by reducing emissions. 
• Minimize Air Pollutant Emissions 
• Improve Energy Efficiency 
• Reduce and Control Effluent Discharge 
• Reduce Production Cost 

Submission Criteria:

Any business registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310) (“Hong Kong Business”) and also meets any one of the following connection requirements below:

1.    The Hong Kong Business has a connection in any of the following manner with a factory in the Guangdong province which is owned and operated by any of the followings:

a.    a Sino-foreign equity joint venture or a co-operative joint venture established in the Mainland to which the Hong Kong Business is a party; or
b.    a wholly-owned foreign enterprise established in the Mainland with capital from the Hong Kong Business; or
c.    a Mainland enterprise which is a party to a subsisting agreement with the Hong Kong Business in relation to any of the three forms of processing and assembly operations or compensatory trade(三來一補); or
d.    a Mainland enterprise to which a Hong Kong resident (natural person) is an owner with more than 50% shareholding or equity interest, who also possesses at least 30% shareholding or equity interest of the Hong Kong Business 

2.    The Hong Kong Business owns and operates a factory in Hong Kong.

3.    The Hong Kong Business which owns and operates a workshop in Hong Kong and which involves polluting processes such as paint-spraying and curing, solvent cleaning of metal parts and components, and vehicle engine testing, etc. may apply for Demonstration Projects.

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