Hong Kong in a New Era of Digital Supply Chains

Topo Solutions expands its Hong Kong operation to drive innovation in supply chain technology.

Hong Kong has the potential to take the leading role in becoming a lighthouse in the region for tech and sustainability.

Tobias Grabler
Chief Operating Officer, Topo Solutions

As supply chain management becomes increasingly complex, companies seek to transform their technology infrastructure and operating models to achieve specific performance targets. Established in 2012, by German founder and CEO, Benjamin Eberle, Topo Solutions is a Hong Kong-based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that offers a highly customisable supply chain platform for cloud-based remote collaboration, process automation, and advanced analytics.

With Topo’s low code technology, users can manage complex supply chain processes in a more agile, efficient, and sustainable manner. Its low code technology brings power to business users.

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for digitisation in supply chains, the company strengthened its foothold in Hong Kong.

Home to International Retailers and Brands

It was a strategic decision for Topo to choose Hong Kong as its headquarters. Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer of Topo Solutions, stated, “Aside from the city’s attractive tax incentives, many of Topo’s target customers are international retailers and brands with sourcing and supply chain operations based in the city. It is convenient to meet them and discuss their pain points on complex supply chain landscape”. He added, “Hong Kong has the potential to take the leading role in becoming a lighthouse in the region for tech and sustainability.”

The year 2022 proved to be a strong year that Topo plans to continue in 2023. “Despite global economic uncertainty, we are focused on growth and expansion at Topo,” stated Grabler. “Hong Kong is an attractive place to work. It has a conducive business environment and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This year, we are all set to recruit more talent to support our business growth.”

Agile and Sustainable Digital Solutions

Topo supports its clients’ digital transformation journey. With the platform, users can build and manage a series of supply chain processes, including sourcing, product development, ordering, production, compliance, and sustainability management. Grabler said, “Topo empowers remote collaboration with all supply chain partners. It also automates workflows, improves transparency, and enables better decision-making with advanced data analytics.”

He continued, “As we fully understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, our platform is highly customisable, able to meet the specific needs of our customers. Besides, as new supply chain laws and regulations come into play, our unique low code technology is more adaptable and scalable. Conventional software is more tedious, but with low code, there is almost no IT involvement, no developer resources are required on the customer side. With simple drag-and-drop, users can build and customise interfaces, automate workflows and dashboards, without writing a single line of code.”

In particular on sourcing, Grabler added, “At Topo, our mission is to make the supply chain more efficient and sustainable. We’ve got you covered that you can streamline your operations and reduce cost.”

Looking ahead, Topo plans to leverage Hong Kong’s position as a world-class sourcing hub to expand its operation in the city, with a view to meet the company’s long-term focus to work on supply chain sustainability and help businesses in their sustainability journey. Topo partners with trade organisations such as amfori BSCI to provide added transparency in the supply chain and a few more associations are in pipeline.


Fast Facts

  • Last year, it opened a new office in Los Angeles, and it expanded its office in Hong Kong and more than doubled the size of its team
  • The company supports and invests in women in technology and has been taking actionable steps for gender balance and a diverse workforce. Last year, 42 percent of its new recruits were female

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