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Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation's 100% Credit Limit Top-Up Scheme

To strengthen support to exporters in regaining post COVID-19 market share, the HKSAR Government will, through HKECIC, introduce the Scheme. HKECIC will proactively increase the buyers’ credit limits of its policy holders by 100%, subject to a cap of HK$100 million. This short-term Scheme will run for a period of six months with immediate effect, until 8 December 2020. Details are as follows:

- All HKECIC policyholders are eligible.
- HKECIC will increase the buyers’ credit limits of its policyholders by 100%, or up to the amount applied for by the policyholders, or the limit of the respective policies (see note 1), or $100 million, whichever is the smaller.
- Valid credit limits as of the commencement date of the Scheme and those issued during the Scheme period will be included.
- All HKECIC insured markets are covered. (see note 2)

Note 1: For the Small Business Policy and Online Micro-Business Policy, the credit limit after top-up would be subject to a cap of $5 million and $0.5 million respectively
Note 2: All markets represent insurable markets as defined by the HKECIC, but excluding buyers where risks not allowed.

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