Unleashing Creativity with Cutting-edge Technologies

XR creative agency Votion Studios in the Greater Bay Area provides unparalleled creative tools, technologies, and workflows in Hong Kong.

As Asia’s creative capital, Hong Kong is where art meets tech. In the next few years, Hong Kong’s focus on culture, art, and technology, in conjunction with the GBA development, will bring great opportunities to our business and the creative industry altogether.

Yangbin Wang
Chairman, Vobile Group

Votion Studios, incubated by the Hong Kong-listed Vobile Group (SEHK: 3738) in 2021, is a leading technology-driven creative agency creating digital content for film, advertising, entertainment, and corporate clients. Equipped with state-of-the-art creative tools and technologies, the agency possesses in-house capability to devise projects from creative conception to delivery. The agency is full-service, providing services across pre-production, production and post-production.

Votion Studios pioneers extended reality (XR) and virtual production workflows in Hong Kong, and is also developing rigged, highly detailed digital avatars for virtual production and metaverse platforms, empowering digital content creators, brands, and artists to convey their stories and creative vision. The application of novel technology has brought unprecedented opportunities for the arts and creative industries in Hong Kong.

Unlocking GBA’s Creative Potential

According to Yangbin Wang, Chairman of Vobile Group, setting up an XR studio in Hong Kong has benefits in many ways. “As Asia’s creative capital, Hong Kong is where art meets tech,” Wang stated. “Hong Kong has a rich film history and is now driving the development of modern film technologies, such as XR and virtual production. In the next few years, Hong Kong’s focus on culture, art, and technology, in conjunction with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) development, will bring great opportunities to our business and the creative industry altogether.”

“We are excited to bring advanced technologies to Hong Kong. Thus, we provide imagination a pathway to realisation and aim to reinvigorate the international influence of Hong Kong culture,” Wang said. “Our Hong Kong studio can pioneer and will lead the way as a prototype. What we have built in Hong Kong can be augmented to service larger film and advertising productions in the GBA.” He added that leveraging Hong Kong’s strategic positioning and unique advantages, the company actively converses with potential partners exploring the build of virtual production stages with in-house creative and technology teams in the GBA.

Enabling Boundless Creative Possibilities

As an industry pioneer in the region, Votion Studios is committed to harnessing the power of technology to reshape the artistic world. “We enable boundless creative possibilities,” Co-Founder and President of Votion Studios Roger Proeis said. “Our core differentiator is our advanced technology, and we possess a team optimised and trained to utilise our tools creatively and technically.”

Votion Studios introduces a facility purpose-built for content creation, featuring the latest real-time technologies (XR LED volume, camera tracking, game-engines, and media servers) complemented with all supporting systems for delivering in-camera visual effects (ICVFX or XR), along with fresh industry knowledge to Hong Kong and the GBA. “Beyond being a technology provider, we are a pioneer and creative partner,” Proeis said.

Additionally, Votion Studios has recently strengthened its visual capability by upgrading the entire LED volume and had the privilege of collaborating with various industry-leading technology brands. “We set the stage in Hong Kong by bringing in world-class tools and workflows for content creators and ultimately devising a studio with pro-grade cinematic quality transcending the entire production pipeline.”

On the personal front, Proeis appreciates Hong Kong’s vibrancy and cosmopolitan lifestyle. “The city is amiable, and many opportunities already exist for businesses and overseas companies to come in or invest,” he said. “We are excited about the potential post-pandemic boom we expect to see in Hong Kong. We believe content creators and filmmakers globally are thrilled to return to Hong Kong.”


Fast Facts

  • The agency currently has about 20 employees and plans to expand its Hong Kong operation with additional 3D artist and content creator headcounts
  • Fully supported by Vobile Group, which has a solid customer base that includes global premier content creators, rights holders, platforms, and blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces to increase value for digital content assets

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