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Onwards and Upwards

Whether it is fulltime, part-time or temporary work, Moovup matches candidates with employers with a user-friendly online platform.

Hong Kong has an enviable reputation as an efficient service-oriented city supported by a robust work force. However, similar to other hubs, the city’s many service industries need assistance when it comes to sourcing front-line or operational staff. Moovup was founded to cater to employers seeking help and match them with the right people with smart, easy to use technology. As one of the city’s top online recruitment platforms, it offers a job portal and mobile app with more than 120,000 active users monthly and 15,000 active job posts that help 16 percent (763,000)* of workers employed in similar occupations seek new opportunities.

Connecting jobseekers with employers

“We have two services,” explained Geoffrey Yau, co-founder with Moovup. “One is a job portal—employers can post jobs for free, which is unbeatable. If they want to increase their job post exposure, they can pay us and we will only charge when their ad is clicked. Our second service is FlexiWork, an on-demand worker matching platform to help employers with the recruitment and management needs of their part-time workforce end-to-end.”

Moovup’s free job post concept has been popular since the site first came online in 2017, and the company has doubled its job posts and jobseeker traffic in the past 12 months. Rather than dampen business, the pandemic has positively impacted Moovup as front-line employers had to deal with their staffing needs in a more flexible manner. With Hong Kong’s highly active labour market and the gradual relaxation of social distancing rules, the overall need for flexible work options such as part time or temporary help is steadily increasing. 

“At the beginning of the pandemic, while recruitment for traditional industries like retail and restaurants dropped significantly, recruitment for sales, agencies and for mask production increased drastically,” noted Yau. “Later on, recruitment for packaging and logistics picked up as consumers shifted to online shopping. On the jobseeker side, there has been an influx of those looking for employment. People were especially keen for property management, logistics and cleaning jobs. Overall, we saw a huge shift of workers across multiple industries.”

A robust engineering talent pool 

By deploying AI and user-friendly functions on the portal and mobile app for job matching, Yau was impressed by the local Hong Kong engineers that built the platform’s algorithm for Moovup, and feels that the city offers strong engineering talent. Further, he feels that “Hong Kong is an awesome place to work and live. There are so many opportunities. We hope our platform can help front-line workers to catch these opportunities, grow together with Hong Kong—and move up in life.”

Going forward, Moovup will build upon its strength of connecting jobseekers with more opportunities. It will continue to streamline FlexiWork to better service companies with part time and temporary staff.  InvestHK has supported Moovup by introducing investors and broaden its business network.

“We are focusing on improving efficiency for both employers and jobseekers,” said Yau. “We use artificial intelligence to recommend jobs to jobseekers as they browse through our website and apps to shorten their search time. We allow employers to easily connect with jobseekers through a one-click WhatsApp button in our portal. We also enable employers to easily attract jobseekers nearby as our portal allows employers to list out their different shop locations in a single job posts. Jobseekers can see the locations on a map view.”



Fast Facts

  • Launched in 2017, Moovup is a Hong Kong platform that focuses on recruiting front line and operational staff for 16 industries including retail, restaurant, logistics and property management

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