Getting to the HEART of the Problem

Sramek’s HOTMAN System provides detailed cardiovascular data with the noninvasive, affordable screening test.

The Greater Bay Area presents a vast opportunity for the medical and health businesses, thanks to its huge well-off population which has a rising demand for quality medical and health services.

Toney Lam
Group CEO, Sramek Group Inc and Cardiax Lab Asia Ltd

Hectic life and the unbalanced diets of city dwellers can cause many illnesses, and cardiovascular problem is one of the most serious types faced by patients and doctors alike.

Entrepreneur Toney Lam helps people get to the “heart” of the problem with the AI power and the acute Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) technology he acquired in 2018.

Steps to success

As the Group CEO, Lam established Sramek Group Inc in early 2019 and incorporated a powerful AI mechanism into the TEB technology to become the HOTMAN System.

In August the same year, Lam set up Cardiax Lab Asia Ltd in Hong Kong as a member of the Sramek Group to commercialise the HOTMAN System, which is patented and FDA, CE and TUV approved.

The System conducts the screening test with eight pieces of electrode pads put around the neck and chest of a human body. Leveraging the TEB technology, the test will finish collecting the blood flow data within 10-15 minutes.

The data will be processed and calculated via a proprietary AI algorithm that will generate 30 hemodynamic parameters, such as cardiac output and index, stroke volume and index, etc, to access the heart function.

Through the software platform designed by Sramek, the System allows cardiologists to capture, store and read the real-time cardio data with any mobile device.

The System is meant to detect early-stage cardiovascular problems and is hoped to reverse the complications by means of non-drug practices, such as healthy diets and proper physical exercises.

“This is a simple but specialised and noninvasive test. The data collected serves as references for cardiologists who can shorten the initiation phase of a heart examination,” Lam pointed out.

Healthy business ecosystem

Lam believes that Hong Kong is an attractive business hub to overseas entrepreneurs. “In addition to its low and simple tax system, Hong Kong is also well-known for its straightforward and transparent government administration procedures,” he said.

Hong Kong also possesses very favourable conditions for the sector of medical devices and equipment. Currently, Hong Kong has no mandatory registration for medical devices, but manufacturers and importers can opt for voluntary registration under the existing system.

“Basically, any medical devices or equipment that are FDA-approved can be sold in Hong Kong, which has made things a lot easier,” Lam added.

As a business centre aligned with different international standards, Hong Kong also acts as an effective testbed and gateway for medical devices and equipment to go onto the global scene.

“If your products can successfully establish a firm foothold in Hong Kong, you will have a high chance to succeed in any place around the world, including the Mainland,” Lam said.

Keeping track of market needs

Lam pointed out that during the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more eager to do medical check-ups particularly on the heart function because they want to know whether they are healthy and strong enough to get vaccination.

For future business development, Lam hopes to extend the cardiovascular screening service to the general public who, in the past, was not able to afford the expensive cost of a heart examination.

“The Greater Bay Area presents a vast opportunity for the medical and health businesses, thanks to its huge well-off population which has a rising demand for quality medical and health services,” Lam said.


Fast Facts

  • In 2018, entrepreneur Toney Lam acquired the Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) technology, which was later empowered with an advanced AI mechanism to become the HOTMAN System
  • In August 2019, Toney Lam set up the Cardiax Lab Asia Ltd in Hong Kong to commercialise the HOTMAN System that provides in-depth cardiovascular data

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