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AI-backed Multichannel Experience Orchestration

Insider helps drive digital business growth with targeted methodologies

While online shopping can be delightful, relaxing and convenient, consumers are unfortunately swamped by thousands of marketing messages, which, on the contrary, make the buying experience unpleasant and confusing. This phenomenon has become a great challenge to digital marketing specialists who are anxious to find out strategies to stand out from the cyber crowd – catching the attention of potential online customers. 

Insider has developed its multichannel Growth Management Platform (GMP) that helps digital marketers drive growth across the cyber space --- websites, mobile apps, messaging and emails. With real-time predictive segmentations powered by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, the GMP enables personalised online journeys with precise, to-the-point marketing messages.

User-friendly mechanism

“Modularity is the key mechanism in today’s eCommerce platform because it is flexible, targeted and effective. This is how we build, modify and advance our GMP, under which, we tailor-design solutions to cater to clients’ specific needs,” said Kirsty Liu, Marketing Manager at Insider. 

According to Liu, Insider’s GMP is built on a unified data layer, which is easy to install and simple enough to use. “That can avoid the need for complex integrations and heavy dependency on IT manpower,” she added.

Seizing opportunities in the region 

Insider was founded in 2012 with global headquarters based in Singapore. Before expanding to Hong Kong, it has already set up businesses in the Asia Pacific regions (APAC), including countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Australia. “Many large corporations and renowned brands in Hong Kong are still using  traditional customer relationship management (CRM) toolkits. Therefore, we see a huge demand for digital marketing and that’s why we are here,” explained Liu. 

Insider targets brands that drive businesses across multi-digital channels. Among the different solutions developed by the company, the Conversion Suite and the Mobile Application Engagement Suite are well-received by clients, according to Liu.

The Conversion Suite is designed to increase traffic on the websites by means of an AI-augmented Product Recommendations mechanism to achieve maximal and optimal relevance – showing the most relevant products to relevant consumers or users. The Mobile Application Engagement Suite, on the other hand, is meant to boost customers’ stickiness and their lifetime value for the products a company offers, as explained by Liu. 

Win-win solutions

In 2020, two clients of Insider in Hong Kong won the Gold and Bronze awards respectively in the Best Use of AI category of the Asia eCommerce Digital Awards with the digital personalised platform solutions powered by Insider.

According to Liu, one of the award-winning clients is Watsons, a popular chain store on personal care products. Insider developed a solution with the customer acquisition strategy to help map out each stage of the purchase funnel with historical data and other attributes. “This enables Watsons to have a more comprehensive understanding of its customers. We also develop the hyper-personalised campaigns to help tackle the cart abandonment issue.”

The other award-winning client is Domino’s, a famous multinational pizza restaurant. Insider tailor-made a solution with the widgets and gamification strategies to help improve customers’ engagement. The company employed its AI-led predictive features to segment Domino’s consumers and suggested the best-selling food choices accordingly. 

Liu believes that there is still plenty of room for business development in Hong Kong because many traditional local brands are willing to invest more to upgrade and enhance their CRM systems.

“Hong Kong is the economic powerhouse in the region with sizable organisations or companies setting up their headquarters in the city. Insider will actively explore and expand the businesses here, hoping to become a major leader in eCommerce platforms in the APAC regions,” she concluded. 


Fast Facts

  • Insider was established in 2012 and with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Australia and Hong Kong
  • The Conversion Suite is developed by Insider to increase traffic on websites, while the Mobile Application Engagement Suite is to boost customers’ stickiness and their lifetime value for different products

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