Neufast Limited

Founded in Hong Kong in 2018, Neufast Limited is an award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise resource planning software as a service (SaaS) solution company with solid experience in AI, human resource management, and industrial and organisational psychology. The company owns proprietary patent-pending enterprise human resource information system (HRIS) SaaS solutions to support corporate clients in cross-border multilingual talent assessment and recruitment.

The company’s multilingual AI video interview cloud provides a validated talent assessment with 91 percent reliability and candidate video management solution in the digital space. Its multilingual virtual recruiters help build a diverse talent pool while achieving up to 80 percent cost efficiency and 70 percent improvement of youth engagement in employment. Neufast takes care of personal identifiable information (PII) redaction of human multimedia data for personal data protection act (PDPA) and general data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance in the European Union, Asia-Pacific and Greater China.

Neufast is in partnership with SAP, Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, Google and Aliyun offering world-class integrated intelligent recruitment cloud solutions. The company has extensive experience in helping Fortune 500 corporations, listed enterprises, recruitment agencies, government bodies and the higher education institutions in implementing a broad range of intelligent HRIS systems across 10 markets.

Information and Communications Technology

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