Smart Logistics Solutions for eCommerce

Singapore logistics company Quantium Solutions combines the experience of parent company Singapore Post with the free port benefits that Hong Kong offers.

There are many organic advantages to Hong Kong. It has a world-class airport, an extensive air network and a highly skilled workforce.

Eddie Lee
Head — Commercial, International Business, Singapore Post
Smart Logistics Solutions for eCommerce

In the logistics industry, speed is the key. The ability to move goods quickly and efficiently became paramount with the advent of eCommerce. That is where Quantium Solutions gains its edge. It capitalises on the reputation of its parent company Singapore Post for international shipping, and eCommerce giant Alibaba as a major shareholder. Offering end-to-end eCommerce and logistics solutions, the company enables more than 1,000 online retail brands across Asia Pacific to grow their businesses both at home and abroad. It is poised to further leverage its Hong Kong base as one of the major global hubs to accelerate business growth.

Regional Logistics Hub

Eddie Lee, Head — Commercial, International Business of Singapore Post, believes that Hong Kong being a true free port makes it ideal for reinforcing its status as a world-class logistics hub. “Hong Kong is the centre of Asia,” Lee stated. “Goods can move in and out quickly without the need for duty, tax or documentation. We can help our clients’ products reach their destination in a more efficient manner.”

“There are many organic advantages to Hong Kong,” he said. “It has a world-class airport, an extensive air network and a highly skilled workforce. eCommerce is all about convenience. We can reach out to many destinations in the region within four hours. Hong Kong is a gateway and one of the most important parts of our company’s growth as a key hub,” he added.

Open for Business in the GBA

Recently, Quantium Solutions has introduced a new model for routing goods directly from Hong Kong to the rest of the world to supplement its current model of routing through Singapore first. “With Hong Kong as a hub, we can now bypass Singapore. This reduces costs and improves business performance. In addition, our top-notch logistics solutions support seamless application programming interface (API) integration with major eCommerce platforms, cross-border shipping and warehouse automation, offering one-stop services to our clients,” Lee said.

With travel restrictions being lifted after the pandemic, business across the globe resumes normal. Therefore, Quantium Solutions plans to expand with a new office and warehouse later this year in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). The company will also hire new talent for its North Asia offices including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Japan. In Hong Kong, the company is seeking to expand its sales, business development and operations departments. Lee believes that one of the advantages of recruiting from Hong Kong’s talent pool is its high level of international exposure. “Hong Kong people can communicate easily in English or Chinese,” he noted. “They are equipped with international business know-how and expertise in conducting business in Mainland China. They possess the unique ability to connect the Mainland with global markets and leverage immense opportunities.”

As Lee himself is born and bred in Hong Kong, he cites safety and convenience as major draws. “Hong Kong has an advanced infrastructure,” he stated. “I have no worries about getting on the MTR late at night. The city is safe and offers peace of mind to people and business.”


Fast Facts

  • A subsidiary of Singapore Post with offices in Hong Kong since 1989, Quantium Solutions is an industry leader in logistics services with eCommerce as its core business
  • Operating in 10 countries in Asia Pacific, the company has access to more than 200 countries through its postal and commercial network

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