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Curating Culinary Innovations

Coucou Hong Kong presents an innovative fusion of Taiwanese-style hotpot and hand-shaken tea, bringing a unique dining experience to customers.

Hong Kong is a world-renowned gourmet paradise, offering a wide array of culinary experiences encompassing local encounters to the best of international cuisines. Coucou (HK) Catering Management Company Limited (Coucou Hong Kong), established in Hong Kong in 2019, is a subsidiary of the XiabuXiabu Management (China) Holdings Limited group. Leading the industry with innovations by adopting a combination of Taiwanese-style hotpot and specialty teas focusing on the mid to high-end market, Coucou Hong Kong offers customers an epic dining journey that will invigorate their senses. Leveraging Hong Kong’s brilliant and versatile dining scene, the company aims to scale up Hong Kong’s operation and lay the foundation for global markets.

Hong Kong — Asia’s Culinary Capital 

According to Ho Kuang Chi, Founder and Chairman of Xiabuxiabu, the setup of Coucou Hong Kong is one of the important strategies for accelerating internationalisation of the company. Ho said, “From a macroeconomic perspective, Hong Kong’s business environment is favourable and vibrant with a solid financial regime. In addition, Hong Kong has a liquid cross-border capital flow. A simple and low tax system and competitive capital markets help promote the city as a significant destination for investment.”

He continued, “Hong Kong has one of the most diverse culinary landscapes in the world with a large customer base who welcomes international cuisines. Its sophisticated and efficient logistics system and facilities allow the catering industry to flourish immensely. It also offers restaurants great opportunities to launch innovative dining concepts and promote their brands.”

The Trendsetter

Coucou has developed into a popular hotpot restaurant thanks to its photogenic dishes and creative promotion. Ho stated, “Coucou adopts a strategy of combining internationalisation and localisation besides synthesising modern and tradition to deliver exclusive gastronomic experiences.” Coucou has successively created business models such as “hotpot + tea break”, “hotpot + karaoke” and “hotpot + tavern”. In addition, with strong research and development capabilities, Coucou develops about 600 new dishes each year. Its famous dish “Taiwanese-style spicy pot” has achieved significant results, with a monthly sales of more than 400,000 pots.

Ho stated, “The Hong Kong brand is world-famous, representing quality, diversity, and dynamism. Coucou’s presence in Hong Kong has created the bedrock of making Xiabuxiabu’s foray into international markets and accelerating the internationalisation of the Group. With a unique positioning and operating model, the Coucou brand has turned into the second-largest driving force of Xiabuxiabu.” Since the launch of its first restaurant in Beijing in 2016, Coucou has opened about 200 restaurants in China covering nearly 40 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In early 2022, Coucou has expanded to Singapore and plans to reinforce its foothold in Hong Kong. Its next goal is to cover overseas markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia.

Ho appreciates InvestHK’s wide range of bespoke services. “The team has helped us get our work visa and expanded our network, ranging from government departments to valuable business connections. Their unfailing support has enabled us to come into operation in a faster than expected pace,” he concluded.


Fast Facts

  • Currently it has 8 branches with around 400 employees, and aims to expand to 10 shops employing about 500 staff in 2022
  • Its parent company, Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Company, was founded in 1998. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014

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