Cultivating a Sustainable Retail Ecosystem

Bamboo solutions company TaKe Group utilises Hong Kong as the retail and business development hub to promote a sustainable consumer lifestyle.

Hong Kong has a distinctive eco-proposition, which combines natural heritage with a robust corporate focus. Given the increasing emphasis on ESG factors worldwide, the current landscape presents an opportune moment for retail businesses like TaKe Group to thrive.

Rob Davenport
Founder and CEO, TaKe Group
Cultivating a Sustainable Retail Ecosystem

TaKe Group was founded in Hong Kong in 2020 by Rob Davenport, a British entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in consumer products and a strong commitment to respecting and protecting nature. As a purpose-led business designed to make a difference at local level, TaKe Group is dedicated to delivering quality Japanese-inspired bamboo consumer products such as tableware, lunch boxes and coffee cups to market while minimising single-use plastic. Hong Kong’s dynamic retail market and sophisticated logistics infrastructure offer the company the ideal environment for a comprehensive green retailing approach. This encompasses bamboo planting and harvesting, innovative product development, product sales and final biodegradation. With its full-cycle solution, TaKe Group aims to extend its reach to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and other Asian markets via Hong Kong.

A City of Boundless Opportunities

According to Rob Davenport, Founder and CEO of TaKe Group, Hong Kong offers prospects for businesses in many ways. Davenport said, “The city serves as an excellent base for both local and international operations. Businesses may consider the broader opportunities brought about by its unique position. It provides access to the thriving GBA with a staggering GDP of approximately US$1.7 trillion.” He further stated that TaKe Group plans to expand beyond Hong Kong into the larger GBA region through strategic license agreements and distribution partnerships in the near future.

Davenport perceives the city as the perfect starting point for his business venture. “Hong Kong has a distinctive eco-proposition, which combines natural heritage with a robust corporate focus. Given the increasing emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors worldwide, the current landscape presents an opportune moment for green retail businesses like TaKe Group to thrive,” he said. “The city also offers easy access to essential components for building a global business, including efficient banking and legal services, logistics and a diverse talent pool. In addition, thanks to the support from the government’s incubation programmes, we were able to have a smooth start.”

Green Retailing with Technology

TaKe Group employs novel technologies to expedite its environmental initiatives. Davenport said, “Leveraging AgriTech, our bamboo farms serve the purpose of revitalising idle land through the cultivation of fast-growing bamboo. Meanwhile, we are developing a carbon credit programme to encourage sponsorship of our farms for carbon dioxide offsetting. We use blockchain and satellite imaging to improve transparency and simplify the verification process, as well as issue carbon credits to participants, promoting sustainability and combating climate change.”

“We also have plans to launch a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hong Kong within a year. It will feature smart manufacturing lines equipped with robots, internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). These technological advancements will streamline processes such as quality control, manufacturing, and product packing,” Davenport added.

In recent times, TaKe Group has successfully expanded its product lines and forged partnerships with retailers. Looking ahead, it plans to nurture Hong Kong’s green ecosystem by producing a collection of locally manufactured eco-friendly bamboo products, and providing customised and comprehensive sustainable solutions for brands both at home and abroad.


Fast Facts

  • It offers a diverse range of durable tableware and portable takeaway products suitable for both business and consumer use
  • The company plans to be a global, purpose-led bamboo technology company that makes a difference at a local level
  • Joined Cyberport Incubation Programme in 2023 and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Transformation Sandbox (T-Box) Programme in 2022 to accelerate business growth

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