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ong Kong acts as a bridgehead when China trades
with the rest of the world, according to Zheng
Zhong, Director of China Railway Construction
(HK) Ltd, Zheng believes that Hong Kong’s business
advantages make it an ideal place for Chinese state-
owned companies to go global, or to expand internationally. “Hong
Kong is a multi-functional hub for high-end services, international
finance, the Renminbi business and treasury operations, helping
China in its progress towards a more open and stronger economy.
Having a presence in Hong Kong brings obvious benefits in capital,
human resources and global business know-how,” he said.
Listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in
2008, the window company, China Railway Construction (HK) Ltd is
a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned company,
China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd (CRCCL) which is
ranked 105th on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2011 and No.1 of
Top 225 construction companies throughout the world in 2011, the
highest rank accorded any construction contractor globally.
At its peak, the company’s Hong Kong office employed
more than 100 staff including 53 engineering specialists from the
Mainland who worked alongside local and foreign staff. Recently,
it has purchased a new office in Kwun Tong with the aim to further
expand its overseas business. The company takes pride in its role
in some of Hong Kong’s major works, such as KCR West Rail Line
stations in Yuen Long, Siu Hong and Tuen Mun, and a joint venture
with a local company to build the southern section of KCR West
Rail Line. Other joint projects include the Disneyland Resort Line,
Tseung Kwan O Line, Lok Ma Chau Line, and part of the rail from
Hunghom to Austin station.
“MTR Corporation is our most important partner, but we’ve
never stopped trying to secure more projects locally. An assignment
in progress is the construction of a cross-border section from
Shenzhen to Mai Po for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong
Express Rail Link,” Zheng said.
Availability of Railway Professionals
In addition to leveraging the Hong Kong market, the company also
works in overseas markets. The Hong Kong office was involved in
a bid to carry out a geological survey for a 770-kilometre railway
section for Rio Tinto Atlantic Iron Ore Co Ltd in Guinea, Africa.
It also provided administrative support to CRCCL’s recent railway
project in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. To ensure smooth implementation
of the three-year project, professionals from Hong Kong were
selected to oversee matters related to service contracts, technical
and business operations in Saudi Arabia. “It is easy to find railway
professionals in Hong Kong,” Zheng said.
Complying with Global Standards
The world-class mass transit system in Hong Kong is perceived by
Mainland companies as a benchmark of excellence. “Under the ‘one
country, two systems’ principle, Mainland companies may enhance
their ability to ‘go global’ through learning from Hong Kong, a city
that follows international best practices,” Zheng said. “As CRCCL is
With a team in Hong Kong that manages overseas projects extending to Africa and the Middle East,
China Railway Construction (HK) Ltd (CRCHK) is well on the way to “go global”
Railway Building Magnate Taps into the
Financial and Intellectual Wealth of Hong Kong
Under the ‘one country, two systems’
principle, Mainland companies may enhance
their ability to ‘go global’ through learning
from Hong Kong, a city that follows
international best practices
Zheng Zhong, director of
China Railway Construction Corporation (HK) Ltd
a mega construction company in the world, CRCHK would like to
help the mother company to fulfill its share outside of China.”
InvestHK has provided continuous support to CRCC’s Hong
Kong office in areas such as visa applications and market updates as
well as networking opportunities. “Hong Kong is a city that makes
things happen and provides unrivalled access to information. Our
projects in Africa and the Middle East are managed from this global
financial centre. I would like to thank Hong Kong for the luck and
opportunities it brings to our company. We will continue to rely on
the strengths and expertise of our holding company to expand our
horizons through the Hong Kong platform,” Zheng concluded.
China Railway Construction Corporation
(HK) Ltd
A wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Construction
Corporation Ltd (CRCCL), a state-owned enterprise
employing around 280,000 people
Core businesses include railways, roads, water resources,
heavy machinery and real estate construction, as well as
survey and design
CRCCL went public with dual listings in Shanghai and
Hong Kong in 2008
The 20-competent professional in Hong Kong manages
overseas projects which extend to Africa and the Middle