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Sourcing and Trading

Hong Kong’s strategic business advantages have attracted many international companies to set up their sourcing operations in the city.

Sourcing and Trading

Strategic Location

Hong Kong is within one hour’s drive from the Pearl River Delta, the world’s biggest producer of electronic goods, toys, garments and textiles, plastic products and a range of other goods. It is also a short flight from other low cost manufacturing countries in Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. The region’s sourcing diversity provides increased flexibility and improved efficiencies.

Within easy travelling distance of suppliers and in the same time zone, client companies can move beyond a basic purchase/sell transaction to build long-term strategic relationships with their vendors. A local presence enables collaboration in areas such as design, innovation and inventory management, control of quality standards and social responsibility and knowledge of the financial health of manufacturers in the supply chain.

Hong Kong is a tariff-free port and has the world’s busiest cargo airport which handles around 4.38 million tonnes of cargo each year. It also has one of the world’s busiest container ports with about 70 international shipping lines connecting with over 510 destinations worldwide and 190,000 vessels docking each year.

Sourcing Hub for the World’s Biggest Retailers

Many of the world’s biggest retailers including Wal-Mart, Tesco, ALDI, ICA, Kingfisher, WHSmith, Lidl and Gap have set up their regional sourcing operations in Hong Kong.

If you want to find out more about opportunities relating to sourcing and trading in Hong Kong, contact us.

Fast Facts

  • Hong Kong has three fundamental advantages for sourcing and trading companies: price, quality and reliability of delivery
  • Efficient supply chain helps improve margins and competitiveness
  • One hour’s drive from the Pearl River Delta, ‘the factory of the world’

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