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Information and Communications Technology

As Asia’s leading logistics, transportation and financial hub, Hong Kong is the natural choice for ICT companies wanting to service clients across Asia.

Information and Communications Technology

Hong Kong itself provides a ready market for ICT companies, with 3,798 regional headquarters or offices based in the city and thousands of Hong Kong businesses located throughout the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) region. Hong Kong is also strategically located in the centre of Asia, so regional ICT projects can be effectively implemented and managed from a hub in Hong Kong, where a highly-skilled workforce is readily available.

Hong Kong’s exceptional infrastructure also makes it an ideal base for companies serving global markets and an excellent site for data centres. Connections include nine submarine cable systems, overland cable systems connected to three communications operators in the Mainland and ten satellites for external communications. The Asia Submarine-Cable Express and the Southeast-Asia Japan Cable has operated since 2013. This suitability is boosted by a reliable electricity supply (currently exceeding 99.99 percent) and an environment relatively free of natural disasters.

Data Centres

With its sophisticated high-tech infrastructure, tech-savvy professionals, reliable power supply, and robust enforcement of data privacy and security, Hong Kong offers an excellent location for high-end regional data centres in Asia-Pacific. As the region’s business hub, Hong Kong is home to many logistics, finance and professional services companies, all of whom rely on secured data centre facilities to support their operations. Many of these companies are outsourcing data storage and management, presenting an exciting opportunity for data centre operators.

InvestHK’s ICT team can offer practical guidance and support to data centre operators looking for expansion opportunities, as well as to business end users interested in setting up their own data centre facilities in the region.

Cloud Technology

Hong Kong is a leading regional hub for cloud technology, offering exciting local opportunities and great potential as a launchpad for expansion into Mainland China and international markets.

As a global centre for the finance and manufacturing industries, which are the largest adopters of cloud technology services, Hong Kong enjoys strong local demand with good growth potential.

Demand is boosted by the Hong Kong Government’s proposal to deliver e-services and information via cloud computing. The proposed Government Cloud environment includes functions to support infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) in the form of a private cloud for use by all government offices and departments.

If you want to find out more about opportunities relating to cloud computing in Hong Kong, please contact InvestHK’s ICT team.

Software and Services

The software and service industry is a key component of Hong Kong’s ICT sector. Demand from multinationals and SME clients is strong. Many of the world’s leading software services companies base their regional operations such as sales and marketing, finance, technical support and human resources in the city, mirroring their clients’ preference for Hong Kong as a regional base.

Hong Kong’s rigorous protection of intellectual property, and its tech-savvy consumers make the city an ideal testbed for companies seeking to launch new products into Mainland China.

InvestHK has helped software and services providers set up in Hong Kong. To find out more, please contact InvestHK’s ICT team.


Hong Kong is at the forefront of worldwide telecommunications markets, with an advanced infrastructure and high take-up of services. All sectors of Hong Kong’s telecommunications market have been liberalised and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership or limits to the number of operators in the market. This, plus its tech-savvy professionals and consumers, and proximity to Mainland China, mean that Hong Kong is an excellent regional base for multinational telecoms companies that want to access Asia Pacific’s high-growth markets.

The best way to find out about expansion opportunities in Hong Kong is to get in touch with InvestHK’s ICT team.

Fast Facts

  • Excellent global connectivity - total capacity of submarine cable systems will exceed 200 terabits per second by the end of 2018
  • Sophisticated ICT infrastructure – broadband networks cover virtually all commercial buildings and households
  • Business-friendly environment with no restrictions on technology imports
  • Strategically located in the centre of Asia to facilitate regional IT projects being effectively rolled out and managed from Hong Kong
  • Robust IP protection with stringent enforcement
  • Strong government support for R&D initiatives (Innovation & Technology Fund has supported over 6,300 projects valued over HK$12.7 billion as of 31 July 2017
  • Electricity supply reliability of over 99.999% and relatively free of natural disasters make it a preferred location for data centre

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