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Hong Kong, once a major manufacturer of light consumer goods, is now the regional command and control centre for local and overseas companies looking to manufacture, source and trade products.


Starting in the late 1980s, companies moved production out of Hong Kong into southern China and other lower cost economies. Today many companies manufacturing in China and Southeast Asia choose Hong Kong as a location for higher value functions including design, R&D, prototype production, technology applications, quality control, supply chain management, business development and product marketing.

Managers based in Hong Kong are ideally located to monitor and supervise sourcing or manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta region, immediately to Hong Kong’s north, and excellent transport links mean that Southeast Asia is also easily accessible.

As a result of Hong Kong’s success in managing regional production and logistics, the city remains a major exporter of light consumer goods, including textiles, finished garments, accessories, electronics, toys, timepieces and jewellery.

Many industrial magnates like GE, BASF, Nissan Infiniti, Liebherr, etc has chosen Hong Kong to be their global headquarters, global operations centre, or regional headquarters. Our strategic location, close connection with China, simple tax system, free economy, efficient transport, and rule of law are some commonly cited factors.

InvestHK has served many companies, ranging from Fortune 500s to SMEs, to succeed in this world city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s industrial sector has evolved to cover a wide horizon of opportunities. The best way of exploring further is by calling our Transport and Industrial team.

Fast Facts

  • Almost one-third of Mainland China’s exports pass through Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong is ideally located next to the Pearl River Delta, the world’s biggest manufacturing region
  • The Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) grants Hong Kong-based companies of any nationality preferential access to the Mainland market

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