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Business and Professional Services

As Asia’s regional business hub, Hong Kong boasts a vibrant and diverse service sector. Many service companies have followed their clients and set up in Hong Kong. Once here, they have found that the city is the ideal location from which to service clients based across the region, and especially those in Mainland China.

Business and Professional Services

Industrial Testing

Hong Kong-based product testing, inspection and certification operators have benefited greatly from the boom in manufacturing and exports in Mainland China. In particular, many manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta, Mainland China’s biggest and most productive manufacturing region, favour Hong Kong as the most expedient location to find industrial testing expertise.

Hong Kong offers a world-class standard of testing and certification quality and credibility. Overseas buyers have confidence in Hong Kong’s inspection and testing operations as Hong Kong testing and certification service providers have efficient processes and a high level of professional integrity. As Hong Kong is home to a cluster of leading international testing centres and certification operators, customers know they can benefit from a wide range of testing and certification service providers available to meet their specific needs.

The best way to get information on industrial testing and related opportunities in Hong Kong is to contact InvestHK’s Business & Professional Services team.

Executive Recruitment

Hong Kong is a well-established international commercial and financial centre. These types of establishments constitute a huge market for the executive search and human resources consulting business. The city’s local and international talent pool is impressive. Apart from continued efforts in investing in education and training, the Government maintains a liberal and open immigration regime to facilitate the entry of overseas and Mainland talent into Hong Kong.

InvestHK has supported a wide range of executive recruitment and human resources consulting businesses to set up in Hong Kong. Contact the Business & Professional Services team for more information.

Hong Kong is the international law capital of Asia and an ideal location to do business across the region. It is home to 70 international law firms, and about 1,200 local solicitors’ firms. More than half of the Global 50 law firms have a presence in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong offers a very favourable environment for legal services providers, including an independent judiciary based on English common law, a solid and transparent regulatory framework, and a clean, pro-business government.

If you have a legal services business and want to find out more about opportunities in Hong Kong, contact InvestHK’s Business & Professional Services team

Management Consulting

Hong Kong is a leading centre for management consulting services in Asia. Many of the world’s top consulting firms have a base here, using it to service Mainland China as well as the region.

Hong Kong’s position as the main international financial centre in Asia is key to its flourishing management consultancy industry. Hong Kong is home to 71 of the world’s 100 largest banks and numerous investment houses and insurance companies. This generates substantial opportunities for management consulting in the fields of corporate strategy, organisational structure, finance management, information technology and product development.

Hong Kong’s management consulting industry covers a broad range of sectors. If you would like to know more, contact the Business & Professional Services team.

Non-Profit Organisations

Hong Kong is a popular regional base for international industry, cultural, advocacy and charitable organisations. Aside from being a charitable and generous society in its own right, the large presence of local, Mainland and international firms provides a cluster of decision-makers increasingly aware of and interested in corporate social responsibility. The extensive financial, legal and professional services network also gives rise to a pool of corporate funding and opportunities to benefit from pro bono services.

If you are part of a non-profit organisation seeking opportunities for expansion in Asia Pacific, InvestHK’s Business & Professional Services team can answer your questions.

Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies

Hong Kong is the second largest FDI recipient in Asia, after Mainland China. Hong Kong’s FDI inflow amounted to US$108 billion in 2016.

Mainland China is the most important destination for Hong Kong’s outward direct investment and Hong Kong is also the ideal location from which to target prospective Mainland investment. More than 45 Mainland cities and provinces have established “window” investment companies in Hong Kong, which are ideal targets for organisations seeking investment or opportunities to invest. Hong Kong’s strategic location in Asia and large population of international decision makers also make it an ideal location to target investment from further afield.

InvestHK’s Business & Professional Services team can provide practical support to trade and investment promotion agencies wishing to set up in Hong Kong. Contact the team to find out more.

Fast Facts

  • The regional headquarters of many of the world’s leading financial institutions and multinational corporations are in Hong Kong
  • All Asia Pacific’s key markets are within four hours’ flight
  • Familiar system and strong legal protections make Hong Kong a popular base for servicing clients in Mainland China

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