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If you are a biomedical company looking to expand, Hong Kong could be the ideal location for you. The city’s highly developed healthcare system offers a range of exciting opportunities, while the rapidly growing markets in Mainland China and other parts of Asia provide lucrative potential for future expansion.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals


The sophisticated healthcare system in Hong Kong presents an attractive market for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. High quality clinical trial services, the results of which are recognised both by international and Mainland Chinese drugs registration authorities, help attract third party and in-house clinical research operators to Hong Kong.

InvestHK’s Innovation & Technology team can provide practical support to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies wishing to set up in Hong Kong. Contact the team to find out more.

Medical and Healthcare Equipment

Medical device and equipment companies in Hong Kong make good partners for contract or joint venture manufacturing because of their high quality processes and Hong Kong’s strong legal protection for intellectual property. As the electronic content of medical devices and equipment continues to increase, the strong electronics industrial base in the Pearl River Delta enables manufacturers to enter the more sophisticated and innovative market segments.

If you are part of a medical and healthcare business seeking opportunities for expansion in Asia-Pacific, InvestHK’s Innovation & Technology team can answer your questions.

Medical Services

Hong Kong is renowned for the high professional standards of its healthcare personnel and its widespread use of advanced medical technologies and equipment. With an aging population and growing medical tourism, Hong Kong’s position as a healthcare centre for the region is secure. The government has earmarked four sites for private hospitals to operate to enable further expansion of the healthcare services sector in Hong Kong.

The best way to get information on medical services-related opportunities in Hong Kong is to contact InvestHK’s Innovation & Technology team.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a rapidly growing field, with increasing international understanding and appreciation. Hong Kong has established itself as a centre for the modernisation and application of Chinese medicines and there is a strong impetus here to develop and grow the industry. In particular, Hong Kong has led scientific and evidence-based research into many areas of modernised Chinese medicine and continues to develop modernised Chinese medicine products for the domestic and international markets.

If you want to find out more about opportunities relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, contact InvestHK’s Innovation & Technology team.

Fast Facts

  • Hong Kong’s per capita healthcare spend is among the highest in Asia
  • Research funding and infrastructure is in place to support R&D activities by biomedical companies
  • Highly-skilled, multilingual and tech-savvy workforce

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